Need some help picking a watch for myself.

  1. Ok, I need (want) a new watch. Basically I am looking for something to hold me over until I reward myself for graduating school with a Rolex (I need a valid reason to spend that much on something...unlike the wife and bags:nuts:)

    Currently my daily watch is a rather simple Emporio Armani watch:


    I am looking for something a bit dressier I think. I am budgeting myself to less then $1000.00 if at all possible.

    One watch that DID catch my eye is a Citizen watch. It is the Calibre 8700:


    (Sorry for the large image)

    I think this is what I am looking for in basic design...but I would appreciate any suggestions.

    There are only a few requirements. 1.) NO solid gold 2.) It must have at least marks for 12, 3, 6, and 9, and it needs to have a second hand. 3.) Again, under $1000 is prefered.

  2. Tag Heuer, don't waste your hard earned cash on 2 cents.