Need Some Help on New Chanel Bag

  1. Hey ladies! I need some advice on a new Chanel bag. I have a PST in beige and I have decided that I want the cotton club bowler. The problem I have is what color? I wish I could buy them all since I love all the colors, but I don't have that much money :sad: Any suggestions would help... I kind of in love at the moment with the light silver color. Does anyone know if that color will be around for awhile? TIA
  2. i'd go for blue. love the color. just unsual compare to white and black.
  3. I actually haven't seen any CC left in my local store.
    It sounds like you may just be starting to build your collection?
    If so, I'd go for silver or bronze. . . . I prefer getting all the basic colors before getting into colors that don't go w/ everything.
  4. Silver is a gorgeous colour, i find it easy to match.

  5. Makers good sense to me - stick with Swanky's advice and you can't go wrong!!!:tup: