Need some help narrowing down a bag

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I apologize in advance for the million questions. But as you know I am shopping for a new and first designer bag and know its going to be a BV:smile:

    I am debating between a Veneta and a Sloane which sat okay on me when I tried it but was slightly big on me. The thing is here where I live for the winters the bags they sell are big b/c thats what sells. But now that I have a better idea and know I love the leather and the weave, it makes it easier to shop online.

    Anywhoo, the colours I like are Ebano, Nero, and Ferro, and this new copper colour that I saw on
    I am afraid that the copper though wont go with everything i wear and will only be that dressy look.

    jburgh - had asked me these questions earlier to narrow down the search can you help with colour and bag style??? PLEASE AND THANK YOU!

    Shoulder bag or handheld? I typically like shoulder bags, handhelds are okay but I prefer hands free most of the time
    Single strap or double? either or could work...but i like the veneta over the campagna ...I also like the versitility of the crossbody and shoulder strap but for some reason its not hitting me the same way as other bags bc i like the weaving look of the other bags too
    Is a crossbody style needed?it could be useful but its not needed - not a must
    Are you rough on your bags? i can be rough on my bags, i would like a low maintaince bag to start and then i can get into some other materials that need care
    Are you careful with light colored bags? i would prefer a dark bag only so i can get away with careful but i am a "well just in case it gets dirty" girl...if i am paying lots of money than i prefer to again get something i dont have to worry about that much
    Do you need a secure bag (ex: top zipper)? I like to have a zipper, its a preference
    Is this everyday wear? YES for sure, work and evening, dress up or down
    Is your lifestyle casual or formal? my dress style is conservative, casual and at times i have to dress in business suits, cardigens etc...
    Are you looking for something conservative or flashy? not too flashy, but i do want a bag that will get compliments hehe
    What are the main colors in your wardrobe and outerwear? main colours, blacks, purples, greys, whites, some pastel colours for spring, a tad red

    THANKS EVERYONE!!:smile:
  2. Large Ebano Veneta for sure!
  3. I'd go with a large nero veneta; nero goes with all the colors you wear.
  4. Why a large? instead of a medium? just wondering...
  5. a ferro or nero veneta. medium if you can fit your daily necessities in it. Medium veneta suits better for business outfit, and evening dress , imo.
  6. thanks ladies...this is helping mucho!
  7. Nero medium veneta. It zips close and the medium works well as a handheld bag or shoulder bag. I think the large tends to have more of a casual look to it.
  8. I like the Medium Veneta.
  9. I said large because your comparison was between a sloane and a veneta. The capacity of the sloane equals a large veneta.
  10. My vote's for the medium veneta in Ebano, BV's signature colour. But only if the Sloane is too big for you. I personally prefer the Sloane to the Veneta but the style is not for everyone. While I love it, it doesn't sit very well on me. Good luck in your choice! I'm sure it won't be your last BV :P
  11. I won't vote, but I'll add a few comments. I considered the large and medium Veneta and Sloane recently.

    Medium Veneta is the sleekest one and perhaps can go with a business suit with the most ease. The shoulder strap might be a bit snug until the bag is weighed-down and broken in somewhat, depending on how thick your jacket, coat, or sweater is. It has the smallest capacity of the three, noticeably less room, but there are some who can easily fit their daily essentials in there (I can't, because my long wallet and eyeglasses/sunglasses case take up a lot of room). It is really lightweight.

    Large Veneta is considered by many to the most comfortable of the three, due to the increased arm clearance over the medium and the flexible shoulder strap. It has a spacious capacity. It is lightweight, too. It tends to have a more casual hobo look than the medium size. It's definitely a shoulder bag, and unlike the other choices, the proportions are probably not as forgiving to be carried in the hand or on the arm.

    Sloane is heavier than the others, and the shape is much puffier, but the shape is more forgiving when weighed down with items and broken in. There is no top zipper. Some prefer the flaps, and some hate them. It is a very spacious bag. While Venetas are made from nappa, Sloanes are generally made from nappa umbria (treated lightly with wax--there are threads on that topic). There are exceptions to this, for example, the recent nero color is made from nappa capri (shinier finish than nappa, very soft, with a texture).

    As for colors, of the colors you mentioned, the Venetas regularly come in ebano and nero; copper is a seasonal color. The Sloane regularly comes in ferro (there's also moro, slightly different from ebano). If you don't want to special order, then those color choices might narrow your decision right there. My understanding is that the nero Sloane was a seasonal color for SS08, but there might be one still around somewhere if you really wanted nero.

    If you have a BV near you, I'd spend some time trying some on. I wasn't able to make an informed choice for myself until I was able to compare the styles side-by-side. That process for me took weeks because I have no BV store near me and the BV selection here is very limited--I had to mail-order both a Veneta and Sloane in the colors that interested me just so that I could compare them. I liked the large Veneta a lot, but I kept the nero Sloane because it became obvious in my comparisons that it just suited me better. I ended up returning the large Veneta because I knew I'd always favor the Sloane. As sngsk said, though, the Sloane's not for everyone, and there are those who find it to be an annoying bag to use.

    Good luck!
  12. Based on your preference for a zipper I would say Veneta. If it is a Veneta then Ferro isn't an option (except as a SO) and therefore based on the colours you wear I would say Nero. And as between Medium and Large I think I would say Medium if you can fit your stuff in it and it fits okay on your shoulder - as I think the Large tends to look more casual and that doesn't quite sound like what you are looking for.

    So a Medium Nero Veneta!
  13. #13 Jan 21, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2009
    Medium Ebano Veneta!

    Let me qualify my choice. As I read your post, the Veneta seemed to fit all your criteria. Medium seems a better choice than large as it is more versatile, can take you from casual to formal. Large is more casual imo. I have both btw. Although the drop of the medium is shorter, I have fat arms and it's still fine, but I have to say I don't wear thick coats where I am. As for colour, you wont go wrong with Ebano or Nero. But my personal preference is ebano :smile:
  14. how tall are you and big sizewise? that would dictate my choice of medium vs. large veneta. although i have to say annelovepuggy ROCKED the maxi, it looked ridiculous on me. it all depends. i feel more comfortable with a medium veneta and it pretty much holds all my stuff. i am 5 1

  15. Julzluvpink and LLaNeedle - I like both Ebano and Nero but I think I like Ebano more only b/c I want a different looking colour and not so close to black, but both those are options but I am afraid the large is going to be a tad big…I am 5 feet and a size 7 small to medium build ...what do you think?

    LLaNeedle - gotcha as to why you said large…when I tried on the Sloane, it did seem a tad big…just sucks that the store I went to had no medium …so whack…ill have to see if they can get on in so I can see …I do not know that I can buy blindly without seeing

    Annelovepuggy - I like the Ferro color as well, only bc it is different and what I am looking for…But what about copper? Do you think that would be too over powering for an everyday dress up and down bag?

    Kiss-p and Mary-Swe - I think the medium might win if you say is better for both dress up and down which to me would be ideal rather than a casual bag …I want a bag that versatile b/c it’s a lot of money and the next bag might take time to get :S

    Sngsk…thanks for the pointer about the Sloane not always sitting right on everyone…I will take that into consideration…b/c I hate bags that slip off the shoulder…but maybe b/c of my build I did not notice the Sloane slipping but than again I was only carrying the bag for a few

    Blueiris..thanks for all that information…I do not think I carry a lot in my bag. My wallet is small and I do have sunglasses too…but maybe they will fit hmmmm….next time I go to the store ill stuff my things in the bag to see what fits and what doesn’t and hope that they have a medium I can check out properly as well…but like you its taken me time to go through all the posts and making it to the store helped a tad but ill have to go back and as mentioned ask them to get what I want in the store for their other stores…but I think I am leaning towards the veneta for its sleekness like you said…as for the colors that’s the trickier aspect for me…I really like the copper but I don’t know if its an overpowering bag for everyday…ebano or nero or ferro might be better for everyday classic use

    Spendalot and Bookermoose - you are one of the other people who mentioned large being more casual…makes me think…bc I need a dual bag right now…I do not wear a lot of thick coats either bc I am in a warm country in the winter but I guess if I go back to Canada I can just wear it on my arm or hold it or maybe my jacket will fit …too bad I don’t have it here to try it with the bag lol

    Doloresmia - thanks for the picture reference…seems like the medium is big enough….I hope I can see it IRL…that will help narrow the decision down….looks fairly spacey on this forum…may I ask what you carry in your bag? Do you have a big wallet? Like some of the other ladies? Doloresmia YOUR BAG IS SOOO GORGEOUS looks like its taken a nice shape:smile: