Need some help! matryoshka bandeau from 2011, has anyone seen one in a boutique?

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  1. I don't remember the specific name of it so my SA wasn't able to do a search for me. Its the one with Matryoshkas all over it and it came in pink, yellow and blue.

    Cheers :smile:
  2. Are you talking about the "Polka" bandeau? I have one in the rouge color. I think I got mine last year in April, and my SA had to make a few calls to find it. I was attracted to it because of the name (I am Polish ancestry and polka is a Polish dance), and because I always had a love of Matryoshkas. I love them even more now because I spent part of this summer visiting Russia.

    I hope knowing the name will help you locate one.
  3. Thank you so much Venice04
    Yes thats the exact one I was looking for! TPF is amazing :smile:
    I was looking for two to use as handle wraps for my Ixia !
  4. Is this the one you mean? :biggrin: I don't think you'll be able to find these anymore in the boutiques... At least that's what I was told by my SA, I wanted to buy a different colour one and she said it wouldn't be available anymore as it was a while back :sad:

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  5. Oh :sad:
  6. Darn it :S Oh well maybe they have some hidden in Canada somewhere :S