Need some help- Kooba Jillian or Botkier Trigger?

  1. Hi guys- I'm not sure which one to pick. Both are black. The Jillian is brand new whereas the Trigger is preowned.

    Any thoughts? Is the Trigger heavy? Am I not taking into consideration anything?

    Thanks for your help!!
  2. If you like carrying around heavy bags, then the Jillian is not for you. I would hope you choose the Jillian. The leather is to die for and it is stunning!!
  3. Hi CompassRose- no, actually I do not like heavy bags at all.

    I currently own the Jillian but haven't used it yet. It doesn't seem that heavy- a bit but not too much. I just wondered which was heavier.

  4. Get out there and use that Jillian!!!!!! :yahoo:
  5. I am using my Jillian today:yahoo:
  6. Judie, I am in the market for a black Jillian someday. May I ask where you purchased yours?

    I think we all need a biker chick bag. *s
  7. Kooba Jillian
  8. Hi Lady- I got mine at active endeavours. I used "grechen" as the code (I'm pretty sure that was the code I used- I don't remember 100%). I got 25% off. The total was around $445.

    I do love the bag!!! I saw a few women looking at the bag but no one approached me.
  9. Lady- I think I used the code "sorry25" to get 25% off the bag at AE.
  10. ... When in doubt get both..!

  11. Bizaar- didn't you get the memo? No enabling allowed on this forum :p
  12. I love Kooba but I don't have the Jillian. It does look great. However, I do own the Trigger and I love it. It's black and has the whole biker chic thing going on with the studs and tassles. The different compartments are great as well. The leather is so buttery soft that even my husband commented on it yesterday. He's been doing the Harley thing lately (totally not a biker guy type but like's pretending:yes: ) and keeps looking for soft leather.
  13. Suzi- is the Trigger heavy? I heard it was and that was a huge decision for me not to purchase it.
  14. I really don't feel like it's heavy at all, but mine is the smaller size. I think 12 x 9 ish? There is one that is 14" that must be the next size up and I'm considering buying it right now. I feel like it would be lighter than the Jillian based on my Kooba experience, but I could be wrong?
  15. I like the Botkier.