Need some help identifying a wallet....

  1. But I don't have much inf to go on, unfortunately.

    I was behind a woman in the grocery store. She was on her cell phone the entire time, otherwise I would have asked her about her wallet. She was carrying a huge, white bag- I'm pretty sure it's a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag.

    She pulled out a white wallet but I'm not sure if it matched her bag or not. It was a pretty big wallet- it looked like it was folded in half but then she opened it up and it was flat. The leather looked like it was as soft as whipped butter.

    I have been googling and have not been able to find the wallet. I did find the bag she was carrying but in white: n%3D27

    I posted this also on the main handbag forum but thought you ladies may know the answer!

  2. LOL! Thanks but that wasn't it :sad:

    It's hard to explain what the wallet looked like and I'm not sure it matched her bag. I couldn't tell and I couldn't get close enough to check :wtf: Plus I wasn't watching her the entire time.

    Oh, one thing I did notice that it had a magnetic button, I think for the closure. It looked like a clutch but then she opened it up and it layed out flat. It had one side with credit cards and it also had a zipper across the top. It looked like an amazing wallet......

  3. hmmm... did you check the selection on considering it was a mbmj wallet, Zappos has a pretty big selection, so if it's a recent season item, it might be on there. good luck! i hope you find it.
  4. :sad: The thing is, I'm not sure if it was a MJ wallet :sad:

    I googled everywhere but did not find a match. Now I'm thinking it may be a different brand. UGH!
  5. Thank you so much Ladies, but no, those aren't it either :crybaby:
  6. Again, I so appreciate everyone's help. Unfortunately those aren't it. I'm just going to pray that I run into her again and then I better have the guts to approach her and ask her about her wallet. She may think I'm insane though :nuts:

    It's really driving me CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cursing: