Need some help getting a Jimmy Choo Ramona

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  1. Hello everyone. I am new here and I must say that this is a great forum especially for a guy who has no idea about the latest bags styles colors etc...

    So I need some help now. I would like to get a Jimmy Choo for someone who is a doc. I think she will use it for work and also going to the mall on occasion.

    Now I really think this bag is nice but I can not decide on which color to get? I need some help ladies. I really think that the orange (or brick whatever it's called) looks really good but I don't know how practical it is with various outfits, going to work shopiing etc... I mean it is def. an eye grabber. I'm not sure if I should get a traditional black one because it probably won't attract as much attention, or will it? Let's hear your opinion ladies.
  2. Hi there!

    I have a Ramona in Khaki and I love it! It's an olive green with brown undertones and it goes with everything I have.

  3. I have a lizard Ramona that you can wear with anything, casual or dressy. The colors of the lizard also go with white, black , brown , etc. It is one to think about if she does not like bags that everyone else has. The Houston store just got in alot of stock

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  4. Well, if she really wants an "eye-grabber," as you suggest, I'll put my two cents in for the patent Ramona. Here's a pic of mine in Bordeaux below... Honestly, though, the basic black Ramona is fabulous too--both practical and still stunning, even though its black. I think it really depends on your friend's personal style, and what you will think she will get the most use out of and enjoy. All of the Ramonas are great!!! Good luck.

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  5. has a mushroom brown one on sale for $1236....:P
  6. Thank you ladies. I think the patent though is a bit too much. I'm actually thinking of getting it in Burgundy. Does this color exist for a Ramona? Any1 have any pics of it, or opinions about it? Thanks
  7. ^^I don't think so. SuLi's khaki/olive (shown above) could be a nice alternative, though. It's a really pretty neutral; not too overwhelming, but different from basic black.

    These are the colors I can recall for the Ramona. The other gals can help in filling out the list... :yes:

    --navy blue leather (first season; hard to find now)
    --black leather
    --khaki/olive leather
    --bordeaux patent
    --blue patent
    --zebra haircalf
    --camel leather
    --white leather
  8. Incidentally, maxse, in case you don't realize, now has an online boutique where you can browse the various styles and order online. You can also shop for Jimmy Choo bags at or
  9. thanks but the problem with those sites is that it only shows what colors they have in stock and not if a certain color is made...

    Are you sure though that no Burgundy Ramona exists? I could have sworn I had seen one. It might be a new color, no?
  10. Maxse, I have only seen a burgundy leather Riki (the smaller version of the Ramona). The Saks in NYC has had several of these over the past few months. I don't know, however, whether they similarly carried the burgundy leather in the Ramona. I recommend that you try calling Saks NYC to see whether they have or have had it Good luck!
  11. You really can't go wrong with black. To make it a little more "special" reconsider patent leather. It is really gorgeous in black patent leather.
    It is available on Saks' website.
  12. I like the gold Ramona and also the patents. The zebra's pretty sweet too but probably not what you're looking for.
  13. That bag looks great on you, SuLi!!! Rock it, girl!! woot
  14. ^ Thanks Greenie :shame: !

    maxse - I recall seeing a burgundy leather version of the Ramona when I purchased mine from Neiman's in September. I was mulling between the black, khakis, and burgundy/wine-colored version. I think your best bet would be to call Jimmy Choo, Saks, or Neiman's to see if they can locate one for you. I also remember seeing a deep brown version, and for the resort/spring, I've seen a white version and light tan (at a local Nordstrom).

    Good luck!