need some help finding this purse

  1. i posted this in the coach section thinking the purse was a coach, but the one im looking for is actually a chanel.

    im looking for a purse for my girlfriend, we were together one day and she pointed this one out and said how much she loved it but its too expensive, she cant get it. but i wanna get it for her for christmas, but i dont know how to find this one in particular.

    i attached a sketch of what i remember it looking like, and it was black quilted leather im pretty sure.

    any ideas to how i can find this specific purse?
  2. I think your best chance of finding the bag is go to the "Chanel Reference Library" thread on the Chanel forum and look through the pictures the members have posted and see if you find it. Good luck!
  3. Maybe like this one?
    11-22-05 001a.jpg
  4. What does Fendi's baguette logo look like? Maybe you're thinking of that bag.
  5. Smooth, if you picked the correct bag based on that drawing you will officially be crowned "Queen of Chanel Bag Identification":yahoo:
  6. :lol: :lol: :lol: It's the closest thing I could think of.

    He is probably thinking of a Hobo bag, and I'm not very familiar with the Chanel hobo bags.:shrugs:
  7. That doesnt ring any bells. Was it just one C? Or was it two interlocking Cs? And is the C white like in your pic? Any chains? More info would help. Right now the only thing I can think of is the caviar "Charlotte" bag but that is monotone with two interlocking C's

    either way, youre a great boyfriend!! maybe you can teach mine's some tricks ;)
  8. ^I agree!
    Chanel doesn't really do one "C", if it's Chanel it most likely had CC.
  9. ya, it had 2 c's, and it had the black quilted leather.

    that one that smooth posted resembles the one im looking for but i remember the 2 c's being in the middle, and im pretty sure i remember it being in a more cresent moon shape rather than a rectangle shape, but i could be wrong. and it was about 1 ft long and maybe 6 in tall (where the strap meets the purse)
  10. this is a member's purse, is it this one, but in black?
  11. Could it be this one?
  12. those look similar to the one im thinking about, what i cant remember though is if it had a chain like that as the strap. o, and the c's are in white, so i guess the one on ebay isnt the one im looking for, though that is the basic style i think it was, quilted leather, black with the c's in the middle
  13. Where did you see the bag that she loved? Was it at a Chanel boutique?

    I ask because the bag you are describing in the post above doesn't even ring any bells with me - so maybe it's a vintage piece?
  14. Chanel doesnt do white on black, with the cc's smack in the middle (im pretty sure), maybe it was a fake, ive seen was...:throwup: but maybe you can get her a cambon bag if she likes it..