need some help finding this purse

  1. so a couple months ago my girlfriend showed me a purse a girl was carrying and was like "i LOVE that coach purse, its probably my favorite". she doesnt have it since she said it was too expensive, and i wanted to get it for christmas.

    now heres the problem, i know nothing about purses, and have no clue how to find this one in particular. maybe some of you can help me.

    its mainly black, and in the middle if i remember correctly it has a big white C, and im not sure if it then has the little c's covering the rest of the purse but it might. i attached a mspaint sketch of what i remember the purse looking like (ya, i know its pretty bad lol)

    if any of you could help me find this purse i would be very appreciative :yes:
  2. The depiction you show reminds me of a Chanel purse- they are usually black quilted leather w/a big "C" in the middle. ???:search:
  3. thats what i was thinking ^^
  4. lol shows how much i know about purses.

    i actually just saw one that looked similar to the one im looking for on the news, some lady was holding it, and it had 2 c's, so im assuming the one i saw was actually a chanel, not a coach

    you know where i could shop for this one in particular?
  5. You'd have to go to a Chanel boutique and see what they have...just to warn you the price tag for Chanel's are usually $1,000+. But that's very nice of you to go to all the trouble for your gf. You could also try Ebay but there are lots and lots of fake bags on ebay so you need to be careful!