Need some help deciding

  1. Hi Ladies

    Not so long ago I got this beautiful 05 Sky Blue First and a few days later I bought a Vert d'eau first. :tup: Well I really love these colours but I've always been more of a pink-redish kind of girl. The first Bbag I got was a Bordeaux first and for some reason I sold it after a while (don't know what the h*** I was thinking:cursing:) but I really regret that and I think about that bag all the time:crybaby:
    So now I am considering to part with my Sky blue and then buy a redish or pink bag that'll match my wardrobe better.
    The problem is that I really love the leather on the SB first. It is just so pretty and yummy. And the colour has also grown on me but I still want a red/ pink bag (just don't want to make the same mistake as I made with the bordeaux first):s.
    Unfortunatly I can't afford to keep the SB and buy a new red or pink bag so please help me. What would you do?
  2. so youre keeping the vert d'eau?

    if you really miss your bordeux and the sky blue hasnt satisfied you, then maybe you should sell it
  3. Yes I think so. That colour is just so pretty. I don't feel like it hasn't satisfied me cause I do LOVE it. It just doen't have the bordeaux feeling (then again neither has the vert d'eau). I am so confused.....
  4. Although blue is my fave color, when it comes to fashion, I prefer red over blue as well. I have my first blue bag coming soon (indigo day), and I"m hoping that I'll end up using it a lot, and not wishing for a red day instead.

    I think you should sell the sky blue and get a red bag- I think red pops and is so striking! JMHO. :smile:
  5. You sound like you're wanting a pink/red bag more. Do you have a specific color/style in mind? Will you be ok with waiting to find a red/pink bag with yummy leather after you've sold off your SB? You may be lucky and get it quickly, or if it's a hard to find color/style, the wait may be longer. Esp for bag with nice leather (if you're buying from a reseller or eby). If you can wait, then go ahead and sell your SB. You can always break in the new bag and it will get soft and luscious too. Have you thought about the SS08 Bubblegum Pink, Pale Magenta, Vermillion? The leather on the BBG has been quite gorgeous. But the leather on the PM so far has been generally thinner, drier and more crackly. Just my 2 cents!
  6. If you are in doubt, sell it and buy something you :heart: better!!
  7. i like it! if you decide to sell, plmk! :p
  8. sorry i can't help you, I don't know which to sell although I sure know which to buy! lol...
  9. Hmm yeah I guess it is better to sell it. I really want a Bordeaux, Grenat, rouge vif or Rouge theatre or maybe a rose first. But Vermillion is def. also a potential choice. I am SO confused.....
  10. And I have ZERO patience......