need some help choosing...

  1. Hi Guys!

    I really want a new coach purse, so here's the details:

    I want to spend around $500 OR LESS and I want something that I am able to carry quite a bit in, and something that'll go w/ black and white. (i need to get the most for my money!)

    What would you guys suggest? :heart:
  2. A large Carly! Check out the Carly Club above...alot of us LOVE the Carly.
  3. scratch that black and white i meant black and brown! haha.

    I DO like the carly!!! very cute, and it comes w/ black trimming nice :smile:
  4. You can't go wrong with a black Ali.
  5. The suggestions so far are great, I love all those bags. How about throwing an ergo leather large tote into the mix? Probably the camel color. It would be pretty versatile. :smile:
  6. what about signature stripe? I love those! or ergos! and both of those are on the cheaper end so you could get charms and wallets and wristlets too!
  7. I just got the large black on black signature ergo for $310 & I love it!!! The ergo's are on sale @ Nordstrom (oh, hubby also got me the leather camel large ergo as well)!
  8. Large carly in the Khaki/black combo! You can fit your whole life in there (and then some) plus it will go with both black and brown!
  9. thanks for all the replies lovelies!!! i love hearing how others feel about specific purses :heart:

  10. Show us pix when you get your bag, thanks :smile:
  11. I love my new Legacy flap pictured on the left. It is beautiful in khaki/black also. It fits a ton yet its all organized and stuff doesn't get lost in your bag and its VERY comfortable on the shoulder (great adjustable drop length) not to mention those gorgeous Legacy stripes! I may never stray from Legacy again! LOL
  12. I would recommend a large khaki/black or chocolate brown Carly. I love my chocolate large Carly because it carries everything and matches whatever I'm wearing that day.