need some help choosing a metallic bag

  1. I'm just looking for the perfect metallic bag I'll keep forever. Something that will have it's use throughout time. I'm not looking to get a lot of metallics in the future because usually I get regular leather. I have a couple I'm thinking about and am very open to suggestions on any color metallic bags. I would however like to keep it at $400 max just about as a sort of limit. The ones I like are:
    Both of those are cole haan which is a brand I've never owned before.
    I like these in either pewter or bronze.

    Thanks in advance! :smile:

  2. All of them are so pretty, but I like the Cole Haan more if you want a classic bag you can keep forever. I love Tano bags, but I'd be wary of the metallic leather since it looks a little scratchy. Cole Haan leather is so buttery and soft...
  3. similar to what cathymd mentioned, if you want this bag to last a long time, I would also recommend the Cole Haan - mostly because the design is more timeless (and IMO, not SO stylish) and the leather should hold up for years. I like the style of the Tanos more, but think they might get dated after several years. Also, the metallic look of the Cole Haans are more understated, not as bright/loud, so again, the timeless issue.
    Good luck
  4. i like the Cole Haan one the best, it's a great style that also looks durable. if you want to go for a more casual look, i'd choose the Goldie Shocks.
  5. forever bag=cole haan

    i have the triple zip satchel in gunmetal, and not only is it a gorgeous metallic shade - shiny without being mirror-like - but it's very functional and absolutely gorgeous. the leather is wonderfully soft (like all CH bags), and the three compartments are convenient. i take mine to work everyday, and also out to the grocery store, and out at's just a great all-around bag. :love:
  6. I LOVE those Tano bags- both colors, but especially the bronze, though I think the pewter will go with more things. I think the shape is so pretty, and the distressed metallic color looks great.
  7. I have the Cole Hahn small satchel in gunmetal and the color is perfect. It is muted, I am very happy I got it.
  8. I just bought the Cole Haan in gunmetal and it is perfect. I've never before even considered metallic bags, but this one was too great to pass up. The leather is so soft, and the three compartments make organizing easy and I can see myself using it for years to come.