Need some help and opinions (authentication too!)

  1. Hello,

    I recently scored a good deal on a Givenchy purse at local TJ Maxx.
    I never bought a Givenchy purse and wanted to get some help and opinions from Givenchy experts here. Thank you in advance for your time and help!
    I only found out that the model name of the bag is Coney and it came out last year.

    Here are my questions.

    1. Authentication
    By comparing pictures online and the feel of materials, it seems to be authentic. I also looked at several Givenchy bags( not this model) and the quality seems to be at the same level. I don't think TJ Maxx will sell fake bags but I heard some customers bait and switch some bags so fake bags turn up at TJ Maxx so wanted to make sure. Please refer to the attached photos. It is missing the dust bag and the original tags.

    2. Any opinions or feedbacks
    I really like the bag but I always buy classic styles. I understand Givenchy is a great fashion house with rich heritage but I was not sure if this Coney bag will last worthwhile. I realized that there have been quite number of celebs carried this already and I don't want any "too trendy" bag. Is this a staple model like Nightingale, Antagonia, and Pandora? I have seen this bag in different variations and was hoping that Givenchy will continue to produce the bag for next few years.

    3. Any additional info
    Any additional info on the bag will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again!!!
    photo-87.JPG photo-86.JPG photo-85.JPG photo-83.JPG photo-84.JPG
  2. Wow, what a beautiful find, congrats!

    Personally, I love it. It has a classic yet edgy look to it for which Givenchy is known. You can't beat a below-full-retail price either. If you are hesitant, I wouldn't want to waste money on a bag I'm not 100% in love with. It it was me, I would keep it.

    For authenticity questions, please post your pics and inquiries in the Authenticate this Givenchy thread.

    It's a beauty!
  3. As this is not one of Givenchy's most coveted bags, I hardly think it is a faux. Nevertheless, post your pics in the Authenticity thread for confirmation.

    Personally, I think it is divine! Zoe Saldana has one in black and I love it. I saw it in straw and leather at a Barneys outlet last year but the price wasn't good enough.

    It is not unusual (unfortunately) to find luxe bags at TJ Maxx without a dustbag or tags.

    May I please inquire as to where you purchased and for how much? Please forgive me, its just that I'm a TJ Maxx shopper and it would be good to know what kind of deal I could get for it at one of my nearby stores. Thx.
  4. Thank you, I really like the bag too but want to make sure it is authentic first :smile:

  5. It came in at $1,400 but I got it at $400 for clearance. I think the card and the dust bag got lost...they slashed the price a handful of times. It is from Tysons Corner, Va.

  6. Ahhhh good old Tysons, must head out there soon. Thanks for sharing and for that price, you scored a serious deal. Do you recall seeing other bags? Thx!
  7. That's an amazing find! Congrats :smile: I've never seen anything awesome at that TJ Maxx.