need some help.. and beware of auctions site...


Oct 27, 2009
Hello there,
here is my short story of my ever first LV.
(but first sorry for my English.. I live in Eastern-Europe..).
I am a LV fan, this is my hobby.. I know the date codes, where the models done, the zippers, the heat stamps for 3years.
I never have a LV and now I found a very used but nice piece on a chinese auction site.. It costs $220, so I bought it for my mom for christmas and transferred the money. (it's not a big amount in the States, but for me a 25% of my monthly salary...) but it's for mom and christmas so it's worth.
After 3 days of auctionsend I got a message from the site that the seller is a fraud person and the seller is cancelled so now I havn't got the money, havn't got bag and no money for a newone...
So please beware of the chinese auction site!!!
Have anyone idea what can I do now?? How can I my money back? :cry:
Thanks for all!


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Jun 3, 2008
Yes, it was on Ioffer and I paid with paypal the amount of the bag.

IOffer, isn't a Chinese auction site its based in the US, I believe? But, It's notorious for being pretty much all fakes. If it's alright with you can you say how you paid, was it PayPal with a Credit Card? Because, if you did there are steps you can take to get your money back.

The first thing to do with PayPal is file an INR (Item not received claim) and you will get your money back through buyer complaint. To file a complaint go to the "Resolution Center" and enter the transaction ID of the purchase and enter all of the asked info... Now if they don't decide in your favor or if they can't get all of the money and you paid with a CC (Credit Card) on PayPal than call your card customer service number and tell them that you never received the item you ordered and that you would like to file a chargeback.

Good Luck. And I really hope you can get your moneyback.
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Ellie Mae

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May 24, 2008
bp81... if PP is not able to recover your money thru buyer complaint, if you paid with a credit card, contact your cc co to file a credit card charge back.
Good luck, dear. And don't buy ANYTHING from ioffer.

Ellie Mae

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May 24, 2008
If you log on to your PP account, you can file a complaint online in the PP Resolution Center. Or call them. Since you are not in US, you might want to CALL PP and talk to them about what PP coverage is offered, as it varies per country.

In my experience, the Buyer COMPLAINT process is rarely successful. But it never hurts to try.

camille dandola

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Nov 13, 2009
Ioffer is a China based website and
has many, many vendors from china.
They are all knockoffs and I paid for
Burberry Jackets on there it was $80
too cheap but I paid through Pay Pal
and the store was only up on the site for
10 days or so. By the time I went to check
on my purchase they had been thrown off of Ioffer for
some reason but after sending a non receipt claim to
Pay Pal I received a full refund it took about 1 week or so
to get my money back I was amazed at how good Pay Pal was.
Good Luck.