Need some help and advice. Defect in item.

  1. Hello everyone I was wondering if anyone can offer some advice about this problem. I recently purchased a coat from Barney's NY on their sale (john varvatos coat). I didn't wear it yet and the tags are intact.....when I was inspecting it yesterday I found out that the coat had a manufacturer defect in it (overstitching issue..and additional layer of colored stiching from the inside that was stiched onto the outside) and I'm absolutely sure that it isn't my fault or the SA's fault. I checked with Barneys just in the morning and they stated that Beverly Hills store may have one (shows one in stock, but system may not have updated yet so it may be 0). If they don't have one...I was thinking of taking this issue to the flagship store and describing about the manufacturer defect to get a new one.

    Do you think this is completely out of line? I mean...this was purchased at an established national retail is current is in stock at the designer's flagship store....and I do believe that the designer should guarantee items free of defects in cases like this. What are you thoughts on this? Also I would appreciate any opinions/advice. I'm ready to take this to a weaver and get it fixed if i have to. Thanks in advance.
  2. I think the best thing to do would be to see if the other one is available from the other store to have it transferred for a straight exchange. If not, I don't think it is unreasonable to go to the flagship store to enquire and see if they can do anything about it. You are correct in stating since it is current season and all tags are attached, it is no fault of yours or the SA, it is a manufacturing issue and they should be able to do something about it. For such high end brands they need to stand behind their product. Hope this helps!
  3. Definitely strange. John Varvatos is really expensive... couture prices, I think. All my couture items come with tags like Personally Examined by Rita - or whatever. They shouldn't charge the same prices without the same quality gaurantee.

    Go back to get a new one. They should be understanding. If they can't locate another one, ask for a discount. :yes:
  4. Hehe. Thx forever21 :smile: Didn't expect to see you on this thread...I really appreciate the info you guys posted. I guess I have the guts now to call the Varvatos store up.

    BTW...just to let you know forever...this isn't the 1st time I heard this happened. Varvatos quality control is atrocious. Aside from my instance I heard this happening two times. You never hear of this anywhere else. The funny thing is...the coat was made in Italy. I certainly would have thought to have expected more but I guess not.....I mean it's a VERY VERY obvious defect right in the chest area. A big 2 millimeter lump of thread of a different color bulging out from two points. I don't know how they failed to notice it.
  5. I agree with snowbrdgirl. Check to see if the other store has it and if they do, exchange it. You can also check with the flagship store. I don't think it's out of line. With couture pieces, you're not only paying for the quality for service as well (IMO). You can also see if Barney will fix it for you. I personally cannot afford to buy couture pieces but when my mom buys her St.Johns, they make sure it fits her and alters it to her liking.
  6. Oh wow. Didn't know that about John Varvatos... but I can see how they can be one of those brands that made it more based on their designs (I looove), rather than quality. Love your taste (despite our disagreements about AX.) :p
  7. absolutely. try to exchange it for the perfect one. it is in season and purchased at a flagship store, not outlet. they need to honor their store's standards.
  8. Let me show you the defect in the's rather annoying. 1st pic will be of the coat. 2nd pic and on...the defect will be in the dead center of the picture.

    If you look carefully you can see that there are two bulging white spots in the 2nd and 3rd pic. It's not a rip or tear or the thread getting pulled out from underneath. It's clearly an "overstiching" (additional layer of stiching that got put on top).

    Once you see the problem in the 2nd and 3rd pic you can easily spot it in the 1st pic as well...
    varvatosproblemcoat1R.jpg varvatosproblemcoat2R.jpg varvatosproblemcoat3R.jpg
  9. i would take it back varvatos and speak with someone there. their company has a contract to sell their cloths at Barneys. never the less, IT IS THEIR CLOTHING Barneys IS SELLING. therefore it is totally legit for u to go back to varvatos flagship and discuss the issue with them. it is a manufacturer's defect.

    hope this helps