Need some help/advice ladies ;-)


Vintage XL Jumbo vs Metallic Black Reissue 227/228

  1. SELL and get the MB!!!

  2. DO NOT sell and wait til I have the money for a MB!

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  1. hi fellow Chanel lovers... havent posted a thread in Chanel for a long time... been a little busy cheating with Bbags :p... but the Metallic Black and Dark Silver Reissues have called me back into Chanel...

    anyways, so I need help in deciding... I have the Vintage XL Jumbo which I'd been hunting down FOREVER in almost NEW condition and do love it! but I've fallen HARD for the MB in either 227 or 228... but I will have to sell the xl jumbo to fund the purchase...

    so my dilemma is should I do it? will I regret it later? since these XLs are hard to come by esp in the condition that my one is in...

    also I'm a little worried about how the MB will hold up in the long run?... such as the leather peeling etc? or the metallic sheen wearing off?

    I find the reissues are more my style than the regular flaps but just a little worried that maybe I want this MB coz of all the latest metallic craze/fever! KWIM?

    need to make a decision ASAP...

    TIA! :tup:
    RT & Chanel without flash 2.JPG
  2. Keep the vintage jumbo and save up for the other. It's good to have a classic black bag in your collection and you might get sick of the metallic after a while.
  3. Wow...your vintage XL jumbo is sooo pretty...please don't sell it!!!
  4. I'm loving your red balenciaga too!
  5. i think you should keep the jumbo and save for the the reissue
  6. keep jumbo and save for the MB..
  7. I agree, you have already paid out for a vintage classic, which you love, so dont sell her on!

    Keep this classic one, and save up for the next one ;)
  8. Keep your flap, I have one too, it was my first Chanel. It's a true classic.
  9. keep the jumbo
  10. I agree. If you spent forever hunting down the jumbo and found one in such great condition, you're going to regret getting rid of it eventually and probably won't be able to find such a nice one again! I would save up for the MB and while you're doing that enough time should pass to tell you if you really want the MB or if it's just a passing desire. In the end, you still have your amazing jumbo and you either have an MB or a bunch of money (which you can guiltlessly spend on the purse you want at that moment!).

    I'm curious too though about how the finish wears over time. I love the new metallic look on a bunch of bags, but worry it will have issues.
  11. thanks guys, really appreciate the advice, keep 'em coming!
  12. Your vintage XL jumbo is so beautiful!!!
  13. I'd keep the vintage jumbo. Those seem to be something that people want and since they aren't made, I'd keep it hands down. That is a bag I think you may regret getting rid of.
  14. That is a gorgeous vintage jumbo! Definitely keep her :heart:
  15. anyone else? how about all you MB lovers?