Need some help/advice in regards to running and exercises

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  1. I'm not really a "runner", but for the past 6 months I've been run/walking on the treadmill for 30-45mins 3x/week. I have been getting CRAZY ass shin splints, so I have to sometimes stop, stretch and ice. I'm also getting how can I change up my routine? Less time, but faster pace? Or only do it 2x/week and do something else the third night? Just walk, but for a longer time?

    I've been barely doing free weights, because I don't know what to do. I do some lifts for my triceps and some basic bicep curls. I don't know what else to do w/free weights. What are some good exercises to do w/free weights. I need to work on my arms...

    What are other exercises can I do w/out any equipment? I've been doing some knee push ups, can't really do regular ones yet.

    Also, I need to lose fat first on my stomach by doing someone told me its a waste of time to do crunches then because i'm just building muscle up under the fat which makes my stomach look worse? so do I not do crunches till later?

    Also, about lunges....are they going to bulk up my thighs? And what are some good exercises for your glutes?

    Thanks for any help or advice! :tup:
  2. First, go to a running store, a real running store. Don't go to one of those big chains. A locally owned store will have people who know how to help you find the right shoes. Bad shoes can give you shin splints. After getting shoes try running outside. I just ran a 1/2 marathon and now planning on training for a full marathon and I have trouble running on a tread mill. I get bored and can barely make it 3 miles. When you run outside it is easier to zone out and really enjoy your surroundings. As for weight exercises, try a class. I really like classes because they tone me up and I don't feel like I'm on my own. HTH!
  3. I agree with trying classes -- they change up your routine-- I love Zumba classes as well mix it in between with muscle toning.
    In terms of running, I think you can change up the routine in terms of how you run /walk-- do an incline when you use the treadmill -- fluctuate the speed so sometimes you go faster for 3-5 minutes then slow bback down. I agree running/walking outside is better if you can but the treadmill can work if you do short spurts instead of time. Good luck
  4. My local gym just started to offer Zumba classes..can you tell me more about it?
  5. Have you been running in the same shoes that whole time? If so they are probably worn out . . . def. agree to go to a real running store, bring your old shoes w/ you. Many stores will have a treadmill in them and between looking at the way you run and analyzing your feet they can get you into the right shoe - it can make a huge difference. Also so can stretching out your hips - if your hip flexors get tight they pull the muscles all the way down your leg out of whack. good luck and hope you heal up soon - shin splints are miserable! But good on you for being so consistent with your exercise! :tup:
  6. Make sure you're letting your legs heal in between your runs. When you first start running, I'd encourage at least a 2 day span between runs. Don't push yourself or your legs will never heal properly. Trust me, I've tried to lift/run through injuries and it just doesn't work. You need time to heal, then slowly get back into your routine. I'd look into the elliptical machine or biking while your legs heal.
    As for lifting, that's a whole other thread. When I'm not drinking, I can give you a good starting routine...and no, your legs won't bulk up from lunges.
  7. I used to get horrendous shin splints and running outside has really helped; the ground is softer and you can compensate for variations in elevation with changes in speed.

    However, if you already have terrible shin splints that are not getting better with rest, you should see a sports MD, because you may also have small stress fractures which will of course get worse with activity. This happened to me in high school and I had to take 3 months off.

    I also second the idea of going to a running store.

    And yes, you can and should do crunches even with a "belly."
  8. I totally agree to start classes. I just started last Monday, and I'm kicking myself for missing out on them for so long! The weight lifting class, kickboxing, and step aerobics are doing wonders for my tummy! Good luck and let us know!
  9. Try short sprints. Like on a tennis court. The distance between the lines are perfect for training and efficient calorie burning. A little goes a long way twith these sprints for sure! :jammin:
  10. Sprinting led to hamstring injuries for me. I do recommend changing your running shoes every other is an investment to have around 3 pairs of different ones (I have Asics, New Balance and Brooks) but it really cut down on injuries for me. Also, there is a great machine that will kick your butt called the STEP MILL (looks like a tall escalator) which I recommend you use on your running off days.