Need some Goyard help....

  1. What do you think of the Fidji hobo? Does the Fidgi hobo bag come in more than one size? Do I need to put cardboard at the bottom of it like a LV speedy? And the most important question....which color is your favorite? Thank you so much!;)
  2. I love the Fidji! I have two - a green and a white - and in spite of the lack of pockets, I am able to find things very easily in them. (I tend to pack everything in various make up bags for easy transfer, but still, it's mysterious.It has something to do with the shape and the fact that it isn't super slouchy) I carry mine as is, but I have no experience with the Speedy, so I 'm not sure what you mean about the cardboard.

    As far as I know, the Fidji comes in just one size and it's the perfect everyday size for me. I like it in all of the colors, but I'm partial to the white because it's the first white bag I've ever carried that I feel I won't wreck instantly. obviously, I also like the green a lot. If I were going to get another (which I'm not planning) I'd go for black - I've seen black fidjis carried by several different people and I always think they look good.
  3. It's a great bag! I don't have one but my friend does and she loves it. Black would be a great color...I have a black St. Louis and love it because it goes with everything. :tup: