Need Some Feedback From You Experts

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  1. Talk to me ladies, I have seen a LUELLA handbag that I think is beautiful, but, I want to hear from you, can't find in the Designer Forum. This would be my first experience with designer and want to hear from some other Luella owners.
  2. I have one Luella and I'm getting ready to sell it. It's too small and I've grown out of Luella. If you love it, buy it. Doesn't really matter what we say.
  3. I have one, the Suzi tote in my avatar.

    It's a very well made bag (it better be, for that price!), great leather, a bit heavy for the size. Which one are you considering?
  4. Hi, I am looking at the Joni Bag red leather, I want a red handbag and I purchased a Prada but thats on back oder ( my luck) and ran cross this one. watcha think
  5. I did a Google image search to find pictures, and that's a cute bag! Looks good in red.
  6. I have a Luella Aviator that I am now going to sell. I only used it once.
  7. is this it? taken from

    if so, the color is TDF! yummy