Need Some Expert Opinions!

  1. Hello girls, just in need of an experts opinion in a matter regarding shoes :girlsigh:

    I recently purchased this GORGEOUS Trina Turk dress to wear to the Kentucky Derby. I also had a large TDF hat made that matches the teal blue trim to a tee!
    My question is; I'd like to wear a pair of strappy heels but don't want to go the blue route (since I feel that there is just too much blue going on already). White seems too matronly, and silver was a possibility I've been tossing around. But I'd like to maybe give another pop of color completely. I was thinking maybe even a coral color? What are your thoughts? I'm dying to get some new feedback! Thanks In Advance!!!
  2. I'd wear white or silver shoes with it. Cute dress! You should post pics of you in the dress with the matching hat. :tup:
  3. Bright yellow? Coral sounds good ... but if your hat is teal then I'm not too sure....
  4. You could try a simple sandal/heel in a neutral color (nude or a subtle metallic) or, if you want more color without being too matchy, you could do yellow or hot pink, as long as the style of the shoe is pretty minimal.
  5. I say white or yellow, I don't know about the coral. Silver might be okay too but I think it might be a little nighttime-ish with a "sundress".