Need some encouragement

  1. I have been eating five small meals a day and I lost about 4 lbs in the last 2 weeks. Sometimes I go up about a pound when I weigh myself during the middle of the week.

    Then i started to exercise more starting this week and I just gained 2 lbs! How can I gain weight from eating smaller meals and exercising? It makes me so frustrated. Am I doing something wrong? :sad:
  2. You may be gaining muscles since you have been exercising :biguns:
  3. and don't forget - your body weight should and does fluctuate within a 5 pound circle from day to day and during different times of day

    and muscle weighs more than fat so you shouldn't put as much concentration on the actual weight as you should how well you fit into your clothes and how fit you look
  4. I have a similar situation. My first 2 weeks of doing the healthy lifestyle (nutritional eating + excercise) I lost 5 pounds. I am now weighing myself in week 4 and frustrated as my weight is increasing. But, I can see my body is more toned, butt is smaller, thighs are slimming, and my pants are loose. So, I must agree with Dervilfal that its how you feel and fit into clothes, not a number on a scale. Hope that encourages you to continue!! I imagine the weightloss will continue with time, just not on a daily or weekly rate. PM me if you want!!
  5. Don't weigh youself.
  6. Honestly, that is the best thing to do. If you eat/exercise based on weight you will not be successful, IMHO. For instance. I was a college gymnast, I am 5'6" and in college my competition wt was 114. Now, since I still work out, play ice hockey and so on, my wt is 123. BUT, I wear a size 4 or 2. When I tell people my wt they are like, no way. So, don't worry so much about the number. :biggrin:
  7. Thanks so much you guys:shame: It is hard to see my numbers go up when I have not seen changes in my clothes quite yet.

    I know many of you have been successful and I am determined to continue but it makes me frustrated and want to cry b/c of the drawback
  8. I second the suggestion about not weighing. Don't judge by the number. Judge by how you look and feel. Hang in there, you CAN do it!
  9. Is your period due? I gain 5 pounds consistantly with my period.
  10. Muscle weighs more than fat (I think it's 3x as more). You're doing good!
  11. Just keep doing what you are doing and see it as a long term project. If you are exercising and eating less then you will loose weight and get more toned, no question about it. But try to weigh yourself more seldom and do not get stressed about it. Your goal is to be healthy and feel good ..... and you will ! Don't loose hope ! You can do it, just give yourself time.
  12. People are so fixated on the number you see on the scale that they forget the best measure is how you feel and how your clothes fit (I'm not high and mighty- I do it too!!)

    Try to be more in tune with how you feel and how your clothes fit you... working out changes your body structure and muscle mass! You are doing great. Sometimes just some patience works out too!!
  13. Yes, muscle does weigh more than fat. One of the girls I work with is going through a similar thing. She's been exercising regularly, and I can definitely see a difference in how her pants fit, but she says she hasn't lost any weight. I told her about muscle weighing more than fat. She said she just wants the extra weight gone NOW!:lol:

    Keep up the good work!
  14. Also know that when you start to exercise, your muscles will bind up more water, so any gain you're seeing within a week or two of starting to exercise is probably water.

    Just stick with will see results over time.
  15. the best advice is to only weigh yourself once a week at the same time - like saturday morning, as soon as you wake up. i like to do it in the morning because there's no food in my stomach and that way i get my true weight. if you weigh yourself one day with no food in your stomach and the next after a meal, even a small one, your weight can increase by several pounds. also, exercising can throw things off for a little while, it takes a couple weeks of routine for your body to settle down. overall, you're doing the good and healthy thing for yourself, so take heart! it will benefit you in the end.