need some ebay selling advice

  1. So I have a bag up for auction on ebay. I had a buy it now price, but since someone has bid on it already, it is now gone. If another person has emailed me willing to pay the buy it now price, is it ok for me to just end the auction and sell it to that person? Or do you think it's rude (since there is already a bidder). Should I email the current high bidder and let the person know that I am planning on cancelling the auction?? I'm not exactly sure what the protocol is!
    Or should I just let the auction run it's course?? I have 29 watchers, but I don't know if that really means anything. I'm not sure if the auction would go as high as my buy it now price! ugh! Help please!! Thanks for any advice you can give me!!
  2. yes it's rude, that being said, you can do whatever you want. also, you have next to no protection if you sell it off ebay, and if they decide to scam you and ask for their money back, you may be s.o.l.
  3. I have never done ebay,but I would take the above poster's words about selling off ebay seriously.

    Also,you have 29 watchers and one person interested in paying the buy-it-now price...I think that you should let things run their course for now.

    (Also....can't you get the person who wishes to pay the buy-it-now price to enter a bid for that amount,then sell it to them that way???? I don't know,haven't done this before....:unsure: )
  4. I see a lot of requests like this under the question part of the auction and I see a lot of sellers saying no to it because it would be unfair to the bidders. If no one has bidded on it, fine. But if someone else has, that's just not right. At least that's how I see it. Who knows? You might get a higher $$$ for it.