Need some ebay Advice Please -- Unsellable Bag??

  1. Okay, I'm a little confounded here. Last week, I posted a Moschino purse for sale on eBay. The purse is roughly $600, and has only been used a couple of times. I listed the starting price at $149. It had a few watchers, but closed yesterday with no bids.:confused1:

    I'm tempted to re-list, but don't want to incur more fees if the bag is just fugly, or the brand is too esoteric, or this is just the wrong time of year, or for whatever reason this is just not a sellable item.

    So, ladies, could I please have your honest opinion? Should I just put the thing back in the closet for a while or try again? I'm particularly interested because I have two more bags I'm thinking of posting, and if this is just the wrong time of year for bag sales, I don't want to waste my time.

  2. Oops, just realized the picture hadn't uploaded. :cursing: Mebbe it's too big. Instead, I pulled a pic off the web. My purse is the same as this, but black.

    Moschino 1.jpg
  3. I would try again.
    Sometimes it takes a few times to sell!
  4. ^ I agree. Also, I have found that eBay is very seasonal, and some buyers might think that a brown bag is only for fall or winter. Keep trying, have lots of pictures of the inside and out, details, etc. Good luck!
  5. I would def try it again!:smile:
  6. Thanks much, ladies. I'll add some details and re-post! I can always count on your sage advice:love:
  7. It's a nice bag. eBay is really slow this time of year and it may sell better in the fall due to the dark color and fall being a much better selling time in general. Good luck.
    I'm actually holding off selling my dark bags right now. I think they will do better later.
  8. I would take pics of your actual bag.

    Since it's a black bag, it's seasonless, you know? Where people might look at brown and figure it's for autumn.

    Plus, I know as an avid eBayer, I like to see actual photos instead of a stock photo.

    Good luck!
  9. You can also hold on to it and wait for those cheap listing days (like 20 cents or whatever) so that way you're not paying three bucks or whatever each time you relist.
  10. I agree...definitely try at least one more time with a lot of photos of the actual bag. It takes a few tries - that is not unusual. Ebay is not too slow right now. I find from about June 20-Aug 20, it really slows down. If you want to sell if before summer, do it now before that time comes. Good luck!
  11. It is a pretty bag, I think that you could sell it...good luck!
  12. if at first you don't succeed, try, try again! I've relisted bags up to 3 times before selling and lowered the price $50 - $100 each time. Sometimes it's just slow and that's the way it goes.
  13. I made a post the other day, similar to yours. It only got one response :crybaby: .

    I just tried selling a NWT Coach bag. It had 5 watchers and ended with NO BIDS :crybaby: . Im guessing because its a very dark brown and maybe people arent looking for that with summer coming up.

    So, I figured I would just try selling it again, end of summer or early fall! I too didnt want to rack up more fees and have it not sell again
  14. I would also recommend opening your auction to worldwide bidders, especially Europe. Moschino is popular in Europe.
  15. god, my rouge theatre bbag took 5 or 6 relists, i swear it was cursed, it can def take time sometimes