Need some e-bay selling advice!

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  1. Alright ladies (and gents if there are any here!) I need some advice... I've never sold on e-bay before and am contemplating selling my med pink heritage stripe tote (11350) and the wristlet and small beauty case that match.

    Would it be better for me to sell these items individually or as a 'lot' because they all match? Also, is it better to do bidding and put a reserve, put BIN/best offer or what?

    Any advice would be super appreciated!!! Thanks in advance!!!! And I apologize in advance if I wasn't supposed to post this here!
  2. I think it is better for you to sell them individually, just make sure you mention that you are also selling other matching acessories! I think the items are still popular enough that you should be able to get a good price--take lots of pictures as they will definitely help to attract more buyers! Good luck, I hope you will get a lot for your items! :smile:
  3. I'd sell them all individually and put a BIN for the tote. For the accessories, I see the heritage stipe stuff is selling good so I would start them out at just like $25 apiece or whatever amount you feel comfortable with and let them bid away, it will sell for what they're worth I believe. There is that chance you won't get all your money back, if that is scary then put reserves.
  4. You will most likely make more money by selling individually but def mention the other matching items. Also, combining shipping is a biggie! If you do sell your items separately then combining shipping my also entice bidders to buy more than one item.:yes:
  5. I sell my Coach item with BIN & immediate payment required, I was just sick & tired of bidders that doesnt pay on time & doesnt want to pay at all b/c they change their mind. I would suggest to sell them individually with BIN price & immediate payment required (paypal only) & just offer combine shipping, that way you don't need to worry about bogus bidders & bogus money orders & bouncing checks etc. The hard part is deciding on the BIN price it's all up to you. Good Luck
  6. Thank you everyone! I think I would feel more comfortable with a BIN instead of an auction because I just don't want to not get at least most of the money back that I spent on the items! It will be hard to determine the prices though, especially because there are others on ebay right now.

    Thanks also for suggesting the individual sales and the combined shipping! Am I allowed to say I am a member here and that they are welcome to get the bag and accessories authenticated here?
  7. YES, I would definitely mention that you are a member here, I've seen a lot of seller put that on their auction!

  8. Absolutely!!

    I usually do fixed price listings with best offers, and this has given me the greatest success rather than auction format... unless it's a really hot item that there's a high demand for. It's also less scary for me. I sell a lot off of Express that way using fixed price listings (or auctions with BINs), if I don't mark the BIN prices way too high. That said, I don't accept low best offers either...but that in itself sometimes gives you feedback (based on how many offers and what the amounts are, and you get to scope out your potential buyer and have some control over whether you want to sell your item to a bidder...or decline/block if need be, etc).

    If you do fixed price or have a BIN on your auction, be sure to use "paypal account required" or "immediate pay" because there are hackers/scammers that do fake purchases using hijacked accounts. Once you're on their "list", you get hit daily or very often. They never pay or respond to your requests for payment, but they get your contact info and then bug the crap out of you trying to sell you fake merchandise (as well as try to break into your accounts). This happened to me for months before I started doing the immediate pay. You can still allow delayed paypal payments, money orders or checks for fixed price listings that have this requrement as well (by allowing the bidder to make a best offer).
  9. Wow! Thank you for that information about the hackers, I had no idea. Sounds like I should definitely sell individually and put the bag on BIN/BO (w/ immediate payment required) because that is where I will make the most money. I will definitely do combined shipping (IF I decide I can part with my accessories) and mention them in the auction. I will mention I'm a TPF member and that they can authenticate here if they want. WOO! Thank you ladies, I really appreciate all the input and advice! Now I have to decide which bags I'm not using (there are more than just the heritage stripe) and start taking pics! :smile:
  10. Good luck with your sales!! I agree that I would list sep too. I've seen several combined auctions where I only want one of the things listed! The last Coach purse I sold I put a BIN and also a Best Offer... in 2 days it sold with te BIN!