Need some confirmation info regarding framboise

  1. Have LV really (for sure) discontinued framboise? If so, when did they start to stop producing framboise item or when did they officially discontinue it? As of now, how hard is it to get framboise items from the stores? TIA!
  2. I was told it was discontinued but I've still seen quite a few things in stores
  3. Same
  4. There's still lots available, but I think they're done producing new items.
  5. no more will be made but there is alot left in stores...but once theres no more...its Dead, gone, thats your lot.
  6. There's still a lot left in stores and a few on Elux!
  7. Lots left at my store.
  8. Still some left at my store. Once it's discontinued they won't make any more of it but there will still be some pieces floating around until it all sells out! (I wish Marshmallow was still available!)
  9. Thanks guys, I get the picture. :yes: Better get hold of some now while I still can. :p