Need some Coach expert advice!

  1. I own the large Carly in khaki/beet. I've used it for about 2 weeks now. Truthfully, it's a bit too big for me. I'm disappointed, but not sure what to do. I really think the medium would suit me better. Should I list the large on eBay?? I'm terrified that I won't get a good price, and I certainly don't want to give it away for peanuts! Wwyd???
  2. You can put it on CL or on eBay with reserved if you afraid of selling it cheap!
  3. U Could Try eBay Ive Heard The Large Is Sold Out, So U May Be Able To Get Your Money Back. If Only U Could Just Return It Lol. Really Dont Know In My Opinon The Large Is Better.
  4. Start it at the lowest price you are willing to take.
  5. Yes if you def want to sell it, the fact that it is sold out should get you the price you want. If you need to sell it to get the medium you should do it now but if you wait longer you may be able to get more money for it.
  6. I was getting ready to buy a new carly and wanted the large khaki/beet but is the beet more red or hot pink? (I cant remember) I may be interested. I'm new here so I can't pm but you may be able to pm me and we could discuss further!
  7. It is like a deep but bright red, not hot pink at all. I don't have one but have seen them IRL
  8. I would put it on ebay for a Buy it Now price and then you will know what you will get.. that or put a reserve. :tup:
  9. There is no buying/selling allowed on the forum unless you are a member of the marketplace. :tdown:
  10. I have had luck selling bags on ebay buy listing it with a Buy It Now for a little more than I want than excepting best offers...someone tends to offer me around what I want and you can say yes or no...
  11. I would do either an auction with a reserve or a BIN w/ best offer.