Need some Choo advice!

  1. I heard about the purse forum from another site I frequent and thought maybe you ladies could help!

    I won a Jimmy Choo bag (no really, I did!!!!!!) and I was wondering if it is worth it to sell? I LOVE the bag, but I am having a baby and I could use the more even more! Since I do not have the receipt, how would I prove that it is real? How much do authentic Choo's sell for on eBay?

    I hope this is okay to post here. I looked around a little and you all seem to know your stuff!
    42_HPIM1220_1.jpg 42_HPIM1221_1.jpg
  2. Go to eBay and do a search. What size is this bag? Looks a little small for a Radiant, could be a Rock? Post pics in the authenticate thread...of the interior metal lilac plate. You do not show enough pics or give enough info.
  3. I will take some more pictures when I get home.

    I have done a few searches and it seems like it is the "Belted Bag". That is all I could see on Would it have a name in addition to that?

    I am sorry I am so clueless! I am out of my element!
  4. Jennifer - The department stores call Choo bags by whatever name they want, but yes all Choo bags have a style name. The one you are showing is in the style of a Rock or Radiant....depending on the size. Like jmcadon observed, it looks more like a Rock. When you get the more detailed pictures, make an accurate measurement of the bag and compare with the measurements given for the Radiant bag on the site. A calf leather Radiant (the bigger of the two bags) is $1895 brand new. I don't know what the Rock retailed for, but most likely it, IMHO, was between $1395 and $1695. Good luck!

    The Authentic Choos on eBay are few and far between, as 95% are fake. Depending on how long you've had it and how much use it has had, you may get 1/2 or more than the original price. Some of the HOT colors, like electric blue, get nearly retail. This time of year is sale season, so buyers will be more picky, since the deals from authorized retailers are so good. eBay is a risky place to buy a designer bag. :sad:
  5. ^Thank you so much. I believe it is the Radiant as I know the retail price was $1850.

    I have never carried the bag (I am too scared), but I hate to think about only getting 1/2 of retail! I will probably have to get over it and carry it with pride. I really do love it!
  6. Jennifer - I am a big lover of the Radiant Style. I have it in a burgundy color. It has that perfect zippered center compartment for your wallet or money. The handles are so squishy and comfortable when you wear it on your shoulder. Is this your first high end bag? Do carry it with pride. The Choo bags are so well made and the Radiant is very classy! That bag will never go out of style. :woohoo:
  7. I would much rather keep and carry a brand new Choo bag than sell it for half price! And yours is not only a great looking bag, but in a color that you can wear with everything!

    Use it and enjoy it, it's a great style!! :tup:
  8. **Jennifer** Oh, and congratulations on the baby! Your Radiant will carry a ton of stuff, like pampers, bottles, towels, binkies, baby wipes, desitin ointment, and the 100 other odd things you need to carry around with a baby in tow. One of the Choo gals, bonniec can advise you on that! When are you due?
  9. Thanks for all the help!

    Yes, this is my first high end bag. I think that is why I am so scared about using it! I don't want anything bad to happen to it!

    I am due 5/20 and am having a boy! I was actually thinking about using the bag to carry baby things! It would fit a lot!
  10. Congratulations on your bundle of joy (the bag, j/k)! Hope you have a healthy boy!
  11. Congratulations on both the baby and the bag!! What a combination to start your new and exciting life :yahoo:!!!

    I was scared forever when I got my first JC bag, and now that I have THREE of them I'm still scared to death of using them!!!! That is totally normal. I convince myself that I shouldn't use them so that I'll always have the opportunity to resell them on ebay and get my money back :s... but that will never happen either :nogood:. But I love my bags. JC makes great bags. They're so stylish and durable, you can't go wrong.

    Well, when you deliver, I think they give you a free nylon diaper bag that is insulated and actually quite functional. I would tote that around for places where a bag might get beaten up, like amusement parks, zoos, etc. But otherwise, TOTALLY take out your Radiant and like Robynbenz had suggested, bring 1 gallon sized Ziploc bags to put ANYTHING that might get wet/dirty/spill in it.

    Good luck, please keep the bag!!!:yahoo:

  12. OK. That's it. I can no longer stop myself! Oh God...where's the smilie for gag in mouth??? ;)

    Miss Bonnie! You bring children...LIFE....into this world every day! YOU are my hero! Take those JC bags out there you! If anyone deserves to be out there strutting her stuff in a fabulous bag, it's you!! :tup::heart::tup:
  13. OK, I'm a total cheeseball when it comes to motherhood and kids :love:.

    My Black Slick Calf Ramona is now my new official work bag as of yesterday :tup:. I ditched my old Coach tote (that had loose threads, food stains, and a 3 inch rip on the bottom of the bag for a year but I still carried it :roflmfao:)

    My Sage Mahala, though,:nogood:, I'm just not too sexy enough for myself to wear it these days :shrugs:...

  14. Good for you!!! I'm glad to hear you're finally letting one of your Choos see the light of day! know what would be even more fun?? If you, AND your Choo came to CT. on or about Feb. 6th to you know....just do what you pressure....;)