Need some burberry help. Newbie to burberry!

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  1. Hi all!
    I have recently fallen in love woth the burberry line. In particular there is a smooth leather shoulder bag called the long crush. It's a drawstring with gold hardware amd it's a great everyday shoulder bag. It's 1,195.00 which is a little steep for me right now. Do these bags ever go on sale? I actually love it so much I've banned myself from burying other bags just to save for it!
  2. You like the the crush right? It is a new bag that was introduced last season and is reinterpreted this season so in Burberry terms, it will start becoming a classic like the Orchard but it might go on sale for particular colors or designs so i suggest you wait it out till their mid-year sale and see and if it doesn't go on sale then buy it then.
  3. Thanks, ujili! When is the mid-year sale?
  4. I am not entirely sure. Probably may/june. Towards end of may/early june?
  5. Spoke to SA at burberry today and she said that the sale starts on May 20th.

  7. Yes , thank you! I'll be in Vegas then and that really helps :smile:
  8. glad to help out!!
  9. I love that bag too! In case you're interested I found a Big Crush on sale at Overstock, here is the link, happy shopping and good luck:
  10. May 20th is the sale? Ohh I'm so excited! Does this take place on their online store?
  11. Yes, the sale is usually on their online store as well as in the boutiques

    Sorry, I can't help you with overstock as I've never ordered from there.
  12. There are several forums on TPF that all say its authentic. Just search it and it looks legit to me.:smile:
  13. Hihi, may I know if the haymarket check line will go on sale as well? Is it a store wide oe selected items thing? TIA!:smile:
  14. Some selected styles will go on sale but not all and hay market would be the least to go on sale because it is the most classic and iconic burberry check. Its selected items and not store-wide!:smile: