need some brutally honest opinions!

  1. has anyone ever heard of or do you own any andrew marc bags? are they too unstructured? do they look like hayden harnetts? i need some feedback on them, so if anyone has one, has seen one (felt one!) or knows someone who has one...what do you think!?
  2. hi! yeah, i'm having 2 bags sent to me is the andrew marc "faith" and the other is the kooba "elisha" both are black...i just don't know anyone who owns and andrew marc and was wondering what they thought of them if they did and if he is a well-known handbag designer...thanks SO much!!!
  3. is this the bag you're getting?


    If so, I like the Elisha better. The Faith doesn't look nearly as soft as those other ones at The Bag Shop. Now if it were one of those, I'd say go w/the Andrew Marc!
  4. I believe there were some at Saks in Columbus, Ohio earlier this year. I remember that I did an internet search for them to see if there were any sales out there. I really liked the designs. They were totally my style and the leather seemed quite nice. However, you can never go wrong with Kooba either.:tup:
  5. You can find Andrew Marc at Saks, Neimans and BG (on line) and at some Nordstroms. The leather depends on the bag style...there are some that are soft, but sturdy and then there are some that are sturdy and a bit rough for my taste (mostly the ones that have a metallic finish). He's broaden his line....he has done leather jackets for men/women for awhile - and I think he is new to the bag business. Workmanship is nice and style a bit more rugged/biker-like (said in a flattering way.....without a lot of studs, etc). IMO, they are well made. Hope this helps. Sorry, don't know the names of the bags.
  6. both bags are now on their way to me...when they come, i'll see which one "makes my heart flutter" and then make the decision! thanks for the opinions and i welcome more!!!!
  7. I have seen a couple at places like Nordstrom. They were nicely made and had soft leather. I noticed the shoulder straps were too short to be worn over the shoulder on every style I saw.
  8. I have seen them at TJ Maxx occasionally. They were okay looking, but the leather wasn't squishy enough for my taste.
  9. I have seen them in person. They look very nice and seem to be very well made.
  10. I've seen them at Neiman Marcus Last Call. I can't think anything specific about them one way or another except I never developed a craving for them.
  11. I saw one at Bloomingdales recently. It was a red sort of duffle shape and the leather was wonderful. It was a gorgeous red too.
  12. i have two andrew marc bags and love them! the leather on those are the best of all my bags; so soft, and smooth. i have the madison hobo and the one that someone posted above - bigger, and in black. they're well worth the price imo, and way lighter than koobas and botkiers.
  13. I've seen a couple of them. They seem like a well made stylish groups of bags.