need some balenciaga experts asap!!! (please!!!)

  1. hi all!
    my dh and i had a talk about bags recently and he said "why don't you just get your DREAM bag and not get any other bags for a year instead of buying several bags and still coveting that dream bag", i made a deal with him that i'd get one bag that i really LOVE and wouldn't buy another for a year (saving for college and other things so buying a lot of bags isn't prudent right now), i have it down to 2 bags...
    one is the prada gauffre in nylon/leather and the other is the balenciaga giant arena day sac (?) i think that's the name...(it's the one that katie holmes has in green)...can any of you offer some thoughts, opinions, etc...if you own this bag what do you think about it? is it classic or will it come and go quickly? for 1245.00 i think i should be able to carry it for a while (at least a year, right?!?!)...
    so i have the two bags at home and need to decide so i can return one of them...
  2. That is a tough choice as they are both nice bags. I have the giant hardware day in vert gazon and find it a great bag to carry around all day plus I get a ton of complements on the green color.
    Maybe carry them around the house for a few days until you decide which one is right for you?
  3. thanks! i'm leaning towards the bbag right now...any other thoughts, ideas, opinions?!?!? thanks!
  4. I 2nd NWpurselover about the compliments. I have it too (check avatar!) and its one of my fave bbags.

    Its a very striking bold bright bag but suprisingly wearable actually. Thats the best part about it. It goes with alot of things and is very pretty when worn and a real head turner! The green is a true kelly green (and more wearable than Balenciaga's apple green in my honest opinion which is more florescent ish).

    I can't forecast how it will be a year from now in terms of its appeal etc but I definitely will wear it well into the Fall as well as a punch of colour against dark clothing and I actually can see me wearing next s/s too since I love bright colours, esp against my colouring.

    The shape of it is a classic for sure. Its a slouchy oversized hobo.
  5. I would go for a more striking bag, so I think you should go for the Vert Gazon Giant Day bag. I do love the look of the Prada gauffre, but it's kinda conservative. I guess it depends on what you'd feel comfortable in. I like to have stand out bags, I don't like to match accessories to my outfits!

  6. I agree with KDC! Good luck and enjoy whatever you decide! :heart:
  7. the color of the bag is black, not green...and it has the large, it's between that and the gauffre...i'm still leaning towards the balenciaga...hellllpp!!!(can anyone make up my mind for me?!?!?)
  8. I think the gauffre is too fashion-y and trendy, so I suggest you get the Balenciaga. I would prefer the small HW as it's more low key, but if you can pull of the bling then go for it! :biggrin:
  9. ITA - but i'm also a little partial to the Bal Bag in general! the DAY style is perfect, timeless and whether you get it in green, black or whatever, you can wear it forever!
  10. I have the Day in a few colors, and they are such great bags for everyday. Between the inner and outer pockets (which are a great size) I can keep everything I need to find quickly close at hand and it's roomy enough for those days I have to carry a lot. It looks good either full or with just a few things in it. I think the Black with Giant Hardware would look great with almost everything.
  11. I would get the bbag. I think it will be stylish for much longer.
  12. I might be a bit biased here, but I say keep the Bbag. For the amount of money you're spending, the Bbag is made of 100% leather, should be able to take a lot more wear-and-tear over the nylon one, and is, personally for me, a lot more attractive than the gauffre. :yes:

    I have two Balenciaga Day bags, and will probably get another one this coming season. These bags are some of THE most versatile bags around, besides which they're gorgeous! As far as hardware is concerned, I'm more partial to the regular hardware over the giant ones, but that's really up to your personal taste. If you like bling-y, then I say go for the giant hardware.

    But, as I said before, I'm just a bit biased towards Balenciagas...
  13. i think the gauffre is too trendy and HEAVY. I prefer the B-bag. I am not biased towards B as I do buy Prada too. have a silver coffer too . decided agst th nylon gauffre as it was too much to pay for nylon and also it was very heavy!
  14. The day looks awesome with GH - I would say keep it! But like the others I am somewhat biased...

    Nylon is not my style - and you cannot carry the Prada over your shoulder right? So the Bbag is a better everyday bag if you ask me..

    Can't wait to hear what you end up keeping!!
  15. The Balenciaga of course!!:yes: