Need some advise.

  1. I recently made an eBay purchase, the seller charged me $35 for express shipping, but she shipped via priority mail instead. After I received the bag, I found there is a tear spot at bottom left side, which needs to be repair (please see the picture). The seller is not willing to work with me, and said this is a nature wear, which she didn’t indicated in the listing at all, I think she intentionally hide that in her listing pictures.

    Anyway, what should I do now? I know if I file a dispute with eBay or paypal, it won’t help at all. Should I just leave the seller a negative feedback? I paid immediately in full after the bidding; can seller leave me a negative feedback as well?
  2. Did the seller have any kind of return policy? What about a partial refund? If you leave neg. feedback, she will most likely leave neg. feedback in retaliation as well even though you did nothing wrong. If you are really unhappy about it and don't want to keep the bag at all, I would send the bag back to the seller with delevery confirmation and signature confirmation to make sure she received the bag (and submit those documents with your credit card company along with any other forms your CC company requires, explain the damages of your handbag and that the seller did not disclose that in the transaction) and just file a chargeback with your credit card company directly (they can't charge you for an item that you didn't keep)...I agree that disputes with eBay and Paypal are also useless. Good luck in your decision! :smile:
  3. why wouldn't filing with pp help? file an item not described. you're out of luck about the shipping. unfortunately there are dishonest sellers and pp doesn't care about the shipping method. do NOT ship the bag back until pp tells you to. you don't want to be out the money and the bag. and you need to ship it in a method thats traceable. global priority is not. she can get it and say she didn't.

    i am so sorry this happened to you. but fight it! nothing makes me madder than a dishonest seller!
  4. She should have disclosed the piping was worn through. Also tell her you paid for express and she shipped Priority.
  5. I am an experienced seller and buyer on Ebay. First of all you need to contact PAYPAL immediately and file a claim - Since the seller is unwilling to make it right for you. After you fill out the Paypal Complaint form, Paypal will remove the payment out of the sellers account(that will really fire up the seller):nuts: . It will be "held" by paypal until a resolution is reached. Paypal offers each buyer "buyer protection" and will help mediate some sort of resolution. But please file the appropriate paperwork with paypal. If you need detailed help in doing this contact Paypal directly. DO NOT just send the bag back to the seller. In almost all cases I have heard the seller keeping the bag and your money - if they are dishonest. This seller does not seem honest and since the seller is not willing to work with you, then negative feedback is appropriate. I personally would wait until you get it all resolved first, just in case they have a change of heart once Paypal gets involved. I know that you risk them giving you negative feedback, however retaliatory feedback can be fought by Square Trade and can be removed. I know if it were me I would want to warn other potential buyers of their shady dealings. Hope this helps. Good luck.
  6. ^ I agree. :yes:

    Also, if you leave her a negative now, she will probably leave you a retaliatory one back; but your neg. will probably make her refund you, in the hopes of you agreeing to have them mutually withdrawn.

    Remember, a negative is far more damaging to a seller, than it is to a buyer. :biggrin: