Need Some Advise ...

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  1. I'm on a bag ban for a friggn' long time now ... I'm going to Mexico at the end of March ...

    I just want to know if anyone else has been to Playa del Carmen or any of the Mayan ruins for that matter ... If so, will it be safe to bring any of my purses?
    I'm a photographer , and for this trip I want to travel light, so I would put all my essential gear in my purse (cause I know it fits) ... Some of the doomsday travel sites say not to carry anything designer as you can become a victim of a crime (not on the Yucatan mind you, just for central Mexican areas) ...

    Can anyone offer insight?
  2. I would definitely air on the side of caution, and not take any risks with expensive bags, both because of the theft issue and the weather. Tropical locations like this are prone to random rain showers, and you definitely don't want that!
  3. I can't answer from experience, but I think it would depend if you are traveling with a group or alone. If with a group, I'd be more inclined to take my bag. But if you're out climbing Mayan ruins, do you want to take a nice purse that might get dirty? :nogood:
  4. I would bring a plain bag, nothing that you would freak out about if it got rained on or dirty. There are generally very few public facilities in Mexico to clean up at, so if something happened to your bag you can't run to the restroom and take care of it. In some areas they also charge to use the public restroom and it's paper products too. Bring your Purell!
  5. I agree with the others. I wouldn't personally bring any purses I truly loved to Mexico. I've been 4 times and it's safe and there's nothing to worry about but I wouldn't want to be paranoid or feel like a "target" for any reason.

    I've been to the Tulum ruins and while you're not climbing on anything much, it's very hot and humid (depending on the time of year) and there would be a lot of bugs; so a combination of sweat, sun screen and bug spray would be my main reasons for not carrying a nice bag with me!
  6. I completely agree!
  7. We've gone to Mayan ruins numerous times, including Playa del Carmen, and have never had issues with safety. That being said, I would not carry a purse that isn't easily cleaned with a baby wipe -- we get filthy dirty at the ruins. If it rains, the ground will be muddy and you should expect to be covered in dirt. And do you really want to worry about your purse while you're exploring :smile:

    I always carry a backpack at ruin sites -- you'll often need both hands if you're climbing up steep rock steps, and you'll want something that you can put over both shoulders for balance. Costco carries a phenomenal black photography backpack that will fit an SLR, two lenses, and other non-photography essentials -- I highly recommend it for this type of trip.
  8. Definitely don't bring a Coach!

    I'd suggest a Lowepro backpack if you're carrying camera equipment and other gadgets that shouldn't get wet. They have many comfortable styles and they are waterproof (or have a built-in rain cover you can pull out), roomy, and easy to clean. I like the SlingShot 200 AW, very sporty and comfy for hiking and climbing and provides easy access to my camera gear. Lowepro has a rebate going on now for their bags, there are some great deals to be had.
  9. I'd be very careful with any purse and even a backpack. Those Mexican children often come at you in droves to steal.
  10. I've been there twice and was warned not to take anything of value due to the crime rate. Because of that, I ended up taking a backpack. Due to all of the walking around, I'm so glad I had a backpack and not a purse or tote. Also, like others have said, depending on the time of the year, it can be hot, humid, buggy and sweaty (that's my main memory--sweating!) So, for safety and convenience, I would not take a nice bag.
  11. I'd use my black lether carly, bkz it fits a lot and is easily cleaned. Now- if you don't want to take a coach bag, I'd advise on going to Ross or TJ Maxx and buying one of the bags that they have, they are usually pretty roomy and you won't feel bad if they damage.
  12. I would go to Tar-jai,,, (spelling??) and buy a decent bags, just because you do not want to be a victim, and have you "Baby" ripped from your arm. BUT if you must,,, take something that does not have COACH plastered all over it, something leather. BUT once again, best option is a target bag, they have decent one that will not hurt if lost or stolen.
  13. I think She should be careful with EVERYBODY not just "Those MExican Children"
  14. Very true and it wasn't meant to offend but the kids are known to come out in swarms and target tourists. Yes, it happens everywhere but she is going to Mexico which is why I said that.
  15. Thanks for the suggestions so far ...

    I do own two Lowerpro backpacks, but unless I have a lock on it ... I don't like having something someone can easily walk up behind me and unzip ... I'm uber paranoid about my camera equipment ...