Need some advise re: Paypal payment

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  1. Good evening everyone, I'm a little confused here :confused1:- I purchased a bag on ebay, went to pay for it through paypal (the paypal link on their auction page) and when I did, it said "unclaimed" - this person is "not a registered member". Well, how can you claim a payment if that email address is unregistered but yet it's the email listed in his auctions with the paypal link? Doesn't make any sense.

    I email him several times, explained my uncomfortableness with this and he then explaines why it's like this and that he's talked to ebay and paypal and they told him to tell his buyers to make a payment with the new email address provided - NO WAY (it's not connected/linked to the auction page):nogood:. I'm still confused with his explanation, but I thought he had changed the email to his verified paypal account as I asked him to.

    He sent me an invoice to pay once again (I cancelled the original payment) so I did and voilla, it's the same invalid, unregistered email.:wtf: Now, I'm really uncomfortable with this whole transaction. He has more than 340 feedbacks and 1 negative. Should I just tell him to forget this whole transaction or wait until he straightens it out with ebay and paypal? I just want to be completely covered here - any suggestions would be appreciated. :yes:
  2. hello, it doesnt have to link w ebay to be secured. as long as he links his auction in his invoice. he can do that when he make invoice, they will ask if it is ebay auction, then he needs to provide the item number and paypal will automatic "get" the info. make sure you check that out before paying him.
  3. The thing is, he keeps sending an invoice with the unverified/unregistered email address so it can't be claimed - why can't he set it up to send an invoice, cut and paste the auction link and use his registerd email address with paypal????? Or why doesn't he add this email to his current paypal account to it will show as verified and send an invoice from there?? I don't know if he just doesn't understand how to do that or what - he's not new to ebay.:wtf:
  4. As mentioned before it doesn't need to be linked, even as a buyer you can manually send money and link the payment to the ebay transaction, just select ' ebay item' and key in the number before you confirm your payment. If you don't know how or don't have the confidence to do this, tell him to sort out his ebay and paypal addresses which shouldn't take more than 1-2 days.
  5. Ok:okay:, I've just never dealt with this issue in all my years on ebay and just wanted to make sure that if I do send him a payment with the new email address he's provided that I'm still protected under paypal. Thanks for your responses :yes:
  6. I had this problem when I changed my email address. My invoicess kept coming up with the old one. The seller needs to make a few changes to his options and then it should be ok
  7. If the seller can't send you invoice manually thru paypal, then maybe just ask him to cancel the invoice and just sort it out with PP first, then issue a new invoice later.GL!