Need some advise on color vocabs..

  1. Hi guys, I'm thinking of buying my first Bbag. I'd love to have a dark brown/ chocolatey City... but I'm still confused about which color is called what. I've been looking in color reference thread and still can't work it out!?! Thinking of buying from diabro, there are the following colors which I think may be close to what I want...

    - mogano
    - vert fonct
    - tabac
    - cafe (but this only comes in First, do they make it it City, too?)

    and.. what's the different between noir and steel?!

    :confused1: HELP! Sorry... lots of questions, but many thxxx for your time :yes:
  2. Noir is black and Steel is a dark grey with blue hues. Mogano is a deep dark brown. Vert Fonce is a very dark olive and Tabac is a reddy brown. Cafe is from the spring collection and is lighter than Mogano - it is not in stock on Diabro though. If you want a proper dark chocolatey brown, mogano is the best.
  3. I don't think Cafe is lighter than Mogano ... I think it is Darker, like Coffee .... Mogano is also known as Cinnamon and Tabac is also known as Sienna ... someone correct me if I wrong ....
  4. I have cafe and I have seen Monago in person. Cafe is definitely darker. Monago has a bit of red undertone. Cafe might take a little more looking to find, but is is like a piece of dark chocolate- I love that it is dark and just brown- no other undertones. Cafe was made in the city style. Good luck in your search!
  5. Thx for all your help here. I quite prefer Cafe as well, but they don't have it in City on Diabro.. Is it a general color that they will make again or is it seasonal? Is Cafe is a bit more shiny than Mogano?
  6. monkyjib > this thread shows you how mogano compares against cafe:

    the reference library has a great thread listing the colours by year. both cafe and mogano are 2007 colours, if my understanding is correct.

    marron (2006) is nice too.. you can try aloha rag for recent inventory of their city's. hth.
  7. wow... the color charts by year is extremely helpful.. thank you glossie! :love: