Need some advices about buying the first Hermes

  1. I relatively new for Hermes, but I do really like H bag. Since it's expensive bag , my mom said she will only give me "one" (of cause, Birkin) for my Ph.D graduation. :yahoo: The thing is... I know that there're many threads that mentioned about having good relationship with SA first, but my concern is I live in a middle of luxury H store around, the nearest one is 4 hours driving. I think I can't just go there..talking..then leave which takes totally 8 hours driving each time. :sad:

    Would it be possible if I just call and ask whether the store has Birkin or not...or sth like that? Do I really need..need to go there? Are there any chances to get one? :confused1:

    Ps. I would like to have my first H bag from the H store, not from the consignment shop...:crybaby:

    Please help!
  2. No. As a minimum you have to show up at the store. You may want to consider buying from a consignment store after all.
  3. You really need to go in to the store. If you call and ask for a Birkin they'll tell you no immediately, unless you're an established customer with a very good reputation and have your credit card information on file at the store.
  4. ^^ I agree. But how exciting -- congrats on your Phd!
  5. darn! That sucks! There's no Hermes store in Perth. I can only get it UK or Singapore. If that is the case, I can never get a Kelly/Birkin/JPG. Is the Picotin the same situation as well?
  6. ^ They will sell you a Picotin over the phone. :smile:

  7. :smile: