Need some advice...

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  1. Hey All! I'm in need of a small wallet. And I've narrowed my choices down to 2:

    a) Grenade Zippy Coin or
    b) Violette Zippy store has only 1 left :sweatdrop:

    Which do you prefer? And for all those who own either of these, your feedback good AND bad is more than welcome!!:biggrin:
  2. They are both gorgeous, but I think I like grenade just a bit better. My son's girlfriend has a Grenade speedy and everytime I see it, I want to eat candy! LOL..........

    Epi is virtually worry free too!
  3. Grenade!
  4. Another for grenade!
  5. Grenade only becuz it's epi leather...I would prefer epi over vernis anytime lol ;)
  6. Violette
  7. get the epi. i prefer vernis bags, but SLG's go through so much wear and tear.
  8. Grenade!
  9. Grenade!
  10. another one for grenade! :heart:
  11. Wow thanks everyone for your replies :heart:...I never realized how popular Epi was. I am concerned about wear and tear, so Grenade would probably be the better choice.
  12. Violette Zippy Coin...
  13. grenade ftw! i love epi leather...... vernis wallets worry me.
  14. Grenade!! Lucky you to have found one!
  15. Grenade!