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  1. Hey Ladies,

    I would really love to get your advice on a purchase I am considering. I would really like a new bag, and the hobo looks very appealing right now. I want something that I can throw over my shoulder that looks pretty and goes with most everything, though I'm not picky about the color.
    I've been considering the Marc by Marc Jacobs Faridah.

    Any other suggestions?

  2. I think the Faridah is a great versatile bag... what color are you interested in?
  3. What size are you considering? Leather or fabric? Do you like exterior pockets?

  4. Color really isn't an issue, but I really like the Faridah in the hot pink color. Other than that, I would just like something that's relatively neutral, but I wear a lot of color, so it's not a huge concern.
  5. I'd like something big enough to carry a water bottle and a book in, but not too big as to be uncomfortable under the arm. Leather is preferable if I'm going to spend the money, but a nice fabric bag could work in a darker color. And pockets are always good!
  6. Another option is the Rebecca Minkoff Nikki or Mini Nikki :smile:
  7. Tano minilisa

    These websites all carry her... she is gorgeous (I own raspberry and have grape on the way)... check out the tano subforum for more info if you're interested in it! I absolutley adore mine, it's a great sized hobo!
  8. Why don't you check some online shopping stores like silkfair, esty etc...
  9. Hello ladies,
    I'm looking a purchasing a dark brown Burberry Knight Napa handbag.
    Can anyone give me their likes or dislikes?
  10. The Marc Jacobs is gorgeous. Some other choices that I love (but may be too neutral for you if you like the pink):

    I love this Loefler Randall bag (pricey, but so pretty):

    And this Foley and Corinna, which has the best looking leather and a great slouch:

  11. Hey thanks!
    I do love the Loefler Randall, but yeah it's a little more than I wanted to spend...
  12. Hey ladies,
    I would like to get you likes and dislikes on the Burberry Knight Napa and
    The Burberry Large Logan hand bags.
  13. I'd say wait for Ignes to reveal there new hobo. Ignes is great!
    Did you look at Hayden Harnett? They have some great hobo styles in perfect smooshy leather.

  14. I haven't, thanks for the suggestion!