Need some advice...

  1. Hi everyone,
    I need some advice on a classy but casual everyday bag. Some bags I have seen pictures of and liked are: MJ Stella in black (I'm having trouble finding one), Kooba Sienna in black, LV Cabas Piano or Popincourt Haut. I've never seen any of these bags in person so I need some help deciding and some advice on where to shop!
  2. Welcome Jen! :biggrin:

    Well, any of those are good choices. It sounds like you want some room. I'm a tote gal, so the cabas would be my first choice. Although, I saw a gal with a popincourt the other day, and it's now on my want-list. You could also look at a black epi noe, or maybe a Balenciaga day bag (hobo).

    If I can confuse things more, let me know! :lol:
  3. Hi lilypug, nice to see you here. Where do you live? If you live in the US, perhaps we'll be able to give you advice about which boutiques stock the bags you're interested in so that you can go and see them in person :biggrin:

    Are you willing to give up and coming indie designers a chance? :biggrin: I love to look at their work online. What do you think of these bags?


    Aleya Handbags:
    Sienna Satchel in black $400
    Aleya Dana Barrel Croc $339
    Aleya Chloe Slouchy Hobo $398

    Rapp and Posavek:
    Elise $360

    Elissa Atheniense
    Stud 2 Pocket Sac Sale $353

    Nicky Large Leather Hobo $530
  4. The MJ stellas in black were on sale at NM. NM calls them the calfskin tote (I think).
  5. Thanks for the advice. I think I'm leaning toward the stella or popincourt. I saw a thread about the cabas bottom getting dirty easily so I don't think I would want that one. Does anyone know if the stella is a lot bigger than the popincourt and if it's really heavy? I live 4 hours north of NYC so if I know what I want to buy I can make a trip down there. Otherwise I'd be wandering aimlessly around the city looking at thousands of bags and not knowing what to get!
  6. Lilypug,

    I like Stella very much, it's a classic bag. =)
    The Limited Edition Black Stella is available at Neiman Marcus Fashion Island (Newport Beach, California), it's currently on sale (not exactly sure of the discount amount -- I think it's 30% off). Their number is 949.759.1900, ask for Tiffany. =)

    NM online still have Black Stella at regular price, NM Beverly Hills' SA said that they are no longer having a sale.

  7. I really love the classic look of the stella but I'm not in love with the gold hardware of the new tote.