need some advice

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  1. i posted this same question in the shoes section but no respond, hope i can get some here,please

    im looking for some new shoes--
    im pretty short, 5.0' about 90#. im looking to buy some heels/pump/wedge.
    what do you think about these?
    do you think they are too bulky for my frame?
    i love these wedge w short (yay/ney?)

    are these authentic? good deal?

    i tried 1 pair like this, but in brown cc signature and orange ribbons instead, what do you think?
  2. í like last and white is nice ..but brown and orange is will be nice is well ....maybe even nicer...
  3. I couldn't really tell you about authenticity but I would imagine your frame would be the perfect one with shoes like this. If you're really tall, I think chunky wedges run the danger of looking a bit overpowering and unelegant, but you could definately pull them off! As long as you match them well, you should be fine :tup:
  4. thanks all for your advices. i'll start my search now