Need some advice...

  1. Hello, I am quite new to B Bags, I have an ink box which I adore - and since buying it have been bitten by the B Bug, and am hankering badly after a black city, however I really need to save up, but have seen an a/w 07 one on 'that site' that I love. I'm obsessed and could put it on my card. The question is, if I wait till later on this year when I may have saved up enough, do you think I will be able to find one with nice leather? This one has amazing leather and I have heard that this year may not be so great. I'm in such a tizz. My head says save and be sensible, but my heart says buy the 07 black city as I may not get the chance to get such a great bag again. Am I panicking? Do great black city's come up often? Help!!!:sad:
  2. You'll always be able to find a black City! They are made each season...Only the leather varies. I love the sound of your Ink Box. I'm green with envy!
  3. I love ink..such a beautiful colour, would really like to have it in a city!

    LIke KDC said, black will always be around but leather will be sure you will find great leather on another black city once you have saved up but if this is the bag you want and you definately feel you will miss out then i say you should go for it!
  4. I think black is pretty easy to find.. .I don't think you will have any problem..
    Good Luck =)
  5. I'm sure you'll be able to find a black city with good leather later down the road- black cities always pop up. I say wait and save up, but I' really big on avoiding credit card debt- it's just not worth it (even for a gorgeous bbag :drool:) Love the ink box though! Was drooling over those for a long time!
  6. Unless it has the most amazing leather ever, I wouldn't go into cc debt for a bag...if it's meant to be, I'm sure one will pop up when you're good and ready for it! And then you can enjoy her without thinking about the interest you are paying for her!
  7. Thanks for all your advice, I think I should wait, I am just in love but will have to wait till I have saved up enough! I would have gone into debt for it, but I must wait, I think I will enjoy it a lot more if I do.

    I do LOVE my ink box very much indeed, she is very pretty and special and think I should be faithful to her for a while longer. Ink is so beautiful and I love the box shape too, such a shame it has been discontinued.

    Thanks again for all help, I probably would have bought the city, and had to pay horrendous customs tax and would not have been able to enjoy it as would have been worrying about the credit card.

    Thank goodness for this forum!! It's lovely to visit and has sound advice. :yes:
  8. I won't go for broke with this bag now, but can anyone tell me if this is amazing leather? Or are cities made like this often? Link above. Thanks
  9. Looks really good! I'd go for it! (if it's what you want)