Need Some Advice!

  1. Okay, this morning I won this auction:

    Then I get this email from the seller:

    I wanted to take the time to contact you. There has been a significant mistake made. I did not list a "reserve price." I will not be able to sell you my marc jacobs handbag for $157. I paid $975 for the handbag. I understand if you report negative feedback. I will contact eBay for you.

    So I responded saying that I understood, and would she let me know what the reserve was going to be b/c I was still interested in the bag and to let me know. Well, she didn't respond, so I sent it again, and she still hasn't responded. I'm getting a little aggravated that she isn't responding to my emails. What should I do?
  2. Contact eBay - but they will tell you a seller can choose to not sell if they want to... I would file a NPS complaint with them anyway. This is not the first thing the seller has sold!? Shame on her. I would also post to the Ebay forum and see what other suggestions you get. JMO:yes:
  3. How frustrating!! I hate sellers like that. I agree with Forenfinal though, you might get a better response in the eBay forum. Good luck!
  4. I checked her feedback and found the original auction she purchased this bag from. She lied to you in her email message when she said she paid $975 for it. She paid $564.00 for this bag, NOT $975. I know there's quite a difference between $564 and $157 but she shouldn't try to deceive you on the original price either.

    Here's the link to the original auction. It checks out since she says she bought the bag is Aug. 2007 on Ebay.
  5. ^ go luvpurses24! way to use those investigative skills!

    christy, i would email the seller again and be sure to include that link. i doubt she "forgot" to set a reserve price. she thought her bag would sell for more than it did and she's lying to get you to understand her predicament. it's ludicrous considering the whole thing is all her fault anyway. if she relists and you still really want the bag, then you should bid on it. if i were you though, i would forget it altogether. i just wouldn't want to deal with someone who is dishonest.
  6. Thanks guys...I think I will. She emailed me finally tonight and said that the reserve price was $550, which was the BIN price. I agree that I think she didn't set a reserve b/c she thought it'd go for more. Grrrr....oh well....I'll spend my money on something else.
  7. ^^^Agreed. I can't believe people sometimes.
  8. So she paid $557, lied about the price, admitted she used the bag quite a bit as a book/baby tote, it has pen marks damage now, and she still wants $550 for it? She has nerve. :yucky:
  9. She definitely has a lot of nerve.

    Unfortunately, there's not much you can do besides leave her negative feedback. When sellers change their minds, buyers are usually screwed in the end. Sorry about that!
  10. Oh my goodness the reserve price was the BIN price? :busted There is no way!

    I saw you won that auction and thought you scored it at a great price. So sorry you had to go through this - that stinks. :yucky:
  11. OOOH Drama!!! :wtf::shrugs:Hmmm it wasn't meant to something HAWTER!! :yes:
  12. i'd definately report her to ebay and explain what happened to ebay live help. isn't this illegal to do on ebay terms, the same as ending an item early because her price was not being met??? bad bad bad! negative feedback ahoy!
  13. Christy and anyone else interested in this bag!!

    - This bag was at TJMaxx during the summer for about $300 I think. Don't know if any are still around at the stores, but when I saw that listing, I thought you were paying a fair price for the used bag. Just too bad she overpaid the first time.

    Hopefully someone else's in much better condition and reasonable price will pop up.:yes: