Need some advice...

  1. Hello :heart:
    Well DH just got me these amazing chanel boots :yahoo:that are black quilted with the cc stiched into the toe. I really want a purse to match it but want something medium size or bigger.
    What can I get for around $1500.00 I mean a couple of hundred more is fine but I prefer to keep it under $2K. :tup:
    It's so hard finding anything with prices on-line. Everything I find seems to be fake. Please ladies anyhelp is appreciated!!! :heart:
  2. Can you provide pics of the shoes? I would like a visual to see what bag I think would go great with the boots.

  3. I'll take pics in the morning and put them up...DH would be creeped out if I started taking pics of my shoes right now...hahaha!
  4. Do you have a GST or PST?
    Best bang for the buck and should go w/ them:yes:
  5. hey there ;)
    my son has been sick :sad:so i havn't been able to take pics and all but the boots are black quilted all over and have cc on the toe in black stiching and a silver logo on the zipper in a circle.

    but what is a GST or PST? :confused1: sorry i sound so dumb.
  6. GST - Grand Shopping Tote
    PST - Petit Shopping Tote

    both are available in a ton of different colors and come in caviar so they're very durable for us w/ children :biggrin:

    do a search for those, there's OODLES of threads and photos.
  7. There's also the ultimate soft that comes in black and in small and a large. The small is a nice size, imo and is priced around $1795 (for now). It's not a structured purse like the GST and PST -- and I think Lisa Hamlin at NM Michigan has it in black with quilted stitching. It's flat quilted stitched versus the raised in classic flaps or ballooned in the bubble quilt and it looks like it would be a comfortable bag to carry. Check reference guide to see if there is a pic, or if interested Lisa will send you a pic if she still has it.
  8. Check tPF Chanel Reference Library, there's quite a few styles and their info., perhaps will give you an idea of what will look best w/your boots:smile:
  9. Please post pictures when you can, that would really help!