Need some advice!

  1. which purse do you like better? I'm having a hard time deciding.
    10986_SBKWT-1_d2.jpg 10987_SBKWT-1_d2.jpg
  2. The tote. :tup: I'm a shoulder bag girl, but I think both can go over the shoulder. Right? :shrugs:
  3. The first one. :tup:
  4. I like the first one better but they are both gorgeous.
  5. i LOVE the satchel! I was looking at both today and the satchel is really much nicer, if you ask me ;)
  6. i like the first one...thats just me thou
  7. The satchel.
  8. I also agree with the first one :tup:
  9. deff the satchel!
  10. They're both cute, but I like the first one better. The shape of the tote looks a bit plain in my opinion.
  11. Satchel :tup:
  12. I like the satchel too and it would be nice for the fall / winter. i'm going to try it on tmw and see how they both fit!

    Thanks for your opinions!
  13. In that print...satchel, definitely!
  14. Satchel!
  15. Most definitely the satchel!