Need some advice!!

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  1. Hi everybody!
    I am desperately looking for my fist Bbag and can´t wait to finally owning one.
    I am just not sure if the City is too big for me (I´m 5´4´´ and slim - some say skinny) and most of the other bags I own are not that big. Recently I preferred my Prada which is just big enough for me. I don´t like carrying things around I don´t really need and I think the bigger the bag, the bigger the chance that you put far too much in it. Haven´t you made that experience, too? ;)
    The second thing is the color (always the same problem for beginners, I know)
    I just don´t want a black or brown one because I personally think that´s kinda boring with all these great colors being available. I wear a lot of beige, brown, khaki and black though. In my sparetime I like to wear jeans. My wish is a color which is so versatile that it goes with a business outfit as well as with a leisure outfit. What are your suggestions? I thought about grays, greige or ink but I´m not sure if ink is too purple.
    Please Heeelp - I don´t want to make an expensive mistake!
  2. Well, if a City is too big it still looks good when it not full and it still gives you some room in case you decide you need to carry more. Or if you don't want a city for sure get a Box or First that still hold a good amount of stuff. For colors I would say look into sandstone, natural, greige, ink, the new plomb, anthracite or camel. All of those have color but would go with a lot! Good Luck and CONGRATS on your 1st Bbag!!!!
  3. Hi, pelli. Welcome to the confusing world of Balenciaga! It sounds like you may want a classique/first. That's what I have, and it holds everything I want with room to spare. Like you, I'm not a "big bag" person -- I like the way the larger bags look on other people, but the City and the others are just too big for me.

    As for color, Balenciaga makes great greens and reds. I just bought their grass green (vert gazon), and it goes with virtually everything.

    Good luck! Let us know what you decide!
  4. Hi MRG
    I read you have an ink box. What about the color? Isn´t it too purple to go with a lot of other colors? I already heard that a box is a nice in-between size between City and First. I think the First looks a little small.
  5. Well, if you look at my thread about my updated collection you will see my Ink is real purple (which I love) but some Ink's are more blueish so it depends. I love all the different Inks because you could have a few and they all look different.
  6. Thanks MRG! Not if that was a great help for my decision because e.g. if I buy from eBay, you never know how true to the color the pics are. OMG, I guess I better concentrate on greige, anthracite, gray and dark greens. I haven´t seen the new plomb, yet. Will check on ateliernaff.