Need Some Advice

  1. I'm an LV Bag Newbie! Have admired for years but finally got my first one 4/10/07 (Mono Speedy 25). I've been reading as many posts as I can--you all are AMAZING and have so much LV knowledge and bags that make me drool. Anyway, now I think I should have gotten the 30 instead of the 25. I still have my sales receipt, can I return it and pay the difference and get the 30? Also, I've been sitting it near a window to accelerate the patina, does that matter? Thanks a bunch. :smile:
  2. Welcome!
    I'm thinking it's been too long by now. And since you've already been trying to increase the patina, it would be hard to 1-get the store to take it back since it appears used and 2-find someone who wants to buy a bag with partial patina. I know a lot of people here have scrutinized bags to make sure there isn't any patina (sign of being used) and you've had yours for nearly a month. Eluxury has refused returns based on this as well. If you hadn't been trying to patina it, you would probably be ok but if it has even a little color, it's hard to exchange it.
    I would probably think you should try to sell it on eBay.
  3. I have to agree with LVbabydoll. Sometimes if you want to return an item beyond the 14 day period a manager will overlook it and do the return for you, this is not all that uncommon. The main thing preventing this from being an option is the patina. I would either eBay it if you really don't enjoy it or love your first LV, trust me there are always more!

  4. I agree. Even if the store would accept the return, it is not fair to the next person who would purchase the bag. I suggest, you keep and use it for awhile. Then, if you still feel a need for a larger bag, then sell it on Ebay.
  5. That's correct - it's been too long to return it. You could always try to sell it on Ebay and put the money towards a 30 though. I actually have both the 25 and the 30 - which I love. I use the 30 when I want to carry a lot, and the 25 in the evening for going out or when I want to carry less. You might want to keep it and think about getting a 30 later - since you'll take a pretty big loss selling it. I bet you would love having both!
  6. I am so sorry you're not liking the 25. It's my absolute favorite bag! I fit a ton in it and love the size. I do know most people in here prefer the 30 and that I am in the minority but I love the 25 to death. I hope you learn to love it!
  7. Thanks for the advice--I probably will keep it and use it for now, but continue to save for the 30. There may come I time when I would want a smaller bag. After seeing everyone's 30s it made me realize that the 30 is better suited to my casual lifestyle.
  8. How do you all know so much about the LV rules? I haven't been living under a rock and have some great bags, but it seems like I have so much to learn about LV. Don't get me wrong, I'm having a great time learning!
  9. Maybe..... just maybe you can logic that the 25 is better b/c it probbaly won't sag as much? I dunno, i haven't actually got a 25 or 30 hehe. I'm saving my money to get a damier azur speedy 25 =)
  10. No you will not be able to return this bag. How it is fair that you are tanning this bag and expecting to return it as new? I'd be flaming mad getting your bag at full price from LV.

    Is there a reason that you're not happy with the 25? is it truly too small for you/ or whatyou carry in it?

    When I first started with Lv I found the 25 to be huge, of course years later the 25 is cute but in most speedy bags I prefer the 30, not to say I wouldnt but another 25.
  11. Don't worry, you'll learn quickly!
    And the return policy is basically the same from store to store. If you do a search here about the policy, you'll find some info on it.
    You can also start here:
  12. Whew as someone who definitely doesn't like patina I'd say stop tanning that thing! lol
    It definitely wouldn't be right for them to take it back.
    Tan=old to me personally. And to a lot of other purchasers.
    Some of my older LVs barely have patina because I usually try to prevent it.
    The ones who have gotten darker are soon to be replaced as I have a few keepalls my DH has abused in a short amount of time and left in a hot car in direct sunlight.
    I agree with everyone else. Just resell it if you don't like it later.
  13. i'd say keep it! i'm pretty sure you'll learn to love it in the short run :heart: and maybe save up for a 30 in a different line :smile:
  14. no you ant return it, i really dont like patina and i am sure that the boutique would not allow it be returned. Oh i have a damier 25 and i just love the 25! The 30 was HUGE on me! Im sure the size will grow on you!
  15. Since you can't return it, I would suggest that you keep it for a while and let yourself grow adjusted to it, then if you really never use it and don't like it, you can always decide to sell it in the future.