Need some advice re: problem with Juicy outfits..

  1. I am an avid juicy wear-er since I am finishing up law school and live in sweats for studying. I had a malfunction with six hoodies - the zippers totally broke in the dryer - and could not be fixed by my seamstress. Also, pants on 2 different pairs broke. These are all newer, so I thought maybe they changed the way they sewed the items. I contacted Juicy LA and finally got a response about a month later. They offered to replace my zippers and said for me to fax over the receipts for the pants that ripped (I got them repaired, one pair was free, the other pair was $6 so I didn't send it in since they were so nice about the jackets). I sent them all of the relevant tag info for the jackets and heard nothing despite 2 follow up emails in the coming weeks. The other day, I got a foam padded envelope in the mail with six zippers. Two of the colors do not even match what I submitted, though they are marked with the same numbers. I had also asked for packaging materials to be sent to my house so I could send them the jackets when the zippers came in stock. Now, I have zippers and I have no idea what to do with them (esp the two that do not match the outfits). I want to draft a nicely worded, but firm e-mail addressing the 2 incorrect colors and the fact that they now expect me to pay $25/zipper to replace every single one. I was under the impression from my discussions on the phone/email (which I've saved) with the rep that they'd replace everything, meaning they'd sew them in for me. I am so disappointed in Juicy and plan to CC the local buyers and store managers for SFA, Bloomingdales and Nordstroms where I purchased the outfits (who I know) when I write her back. Any suggestions? Thanks so much!
  2. Hmmm, I've only had one zipper break so far and that's it. How old are the outfits? I honestly just forgot about it but I can understand being that upset if that many of them fell apart. What if you actually took them in to the store where you bought them and spoke to a manager?
  3. I've never had a Juicy zipper break :shrugs:

    I don't mean to be a jerk, but that's why Juicy puts that extra tag on there that says "Protect your J pull. Wash and dry in a lingerie bag"...
  4. Right..I should have mentioned. When I wash/dry, I turn the hoodies inside out and dry in the mesh lingerie bag on a low setting. The outfits were all bought from the spring/summer stock (different colors of terry) around the same time. I own probably more than 20 outfits besides these so I am used to washing/drying carefully and don't usually have this problem. Now, I don't dry for more than 5 minutes. The weird thing is that the entire zipper broke - not just the J pull - some J pulls didn't break, but the entire zipper ripped out and then the bottom part ripped off, so you can't even get it repaired. That shouldn't happen from normal/delicate washing and drying. When you lay the hoodie out to dry without the dryer, it gets too stiff to wear.

    I've already been replacing the outfits and have begun drying for about 10 minutes and air drying the rest on a rack, but now I have this issue to address so I was just hoping someone might have some tips. I have spoken with the buyer at Bloomingdale's, where I purchased 2 of the outfits (the ones where the zippers JC sent to not actually match my outfit) and I just don't think it is Bloomingdale's job to fix when JC said they'd fix it. Thanks :smile:
  5. No it shouldn't... I'd be mad too!

    To be perfectly honest, I've noticed a decline in Juicy quality with each season:s...
  6. Funny, I keep noticing an increase in prices!
  7. wow! I only have 3 Juicy suits but I wash them once a week with no special protection and nothing has happened. I bought them 3 years ago, and now I'm kind of scared to buy more since the quality seems to be going down.
  8. WOW...My daughter LIVES in JUICY!She has over a dozen sweatsuits..NO problems ever and I wash them EVERY WEEK........
  9. Wow, I don't know what to say! I've only had one Juicy zipper pull fall off, and I didn't even realize that I had to wash them in the delicate cycle! The one that did fall off was on an older hoodie too...

    Good luck and hope everything turns out okay for you!
  10. I have noticed that 2 out of 3 pairs of my pants have gotten little holes in them (both in the same place). And the holes are in the fabric, not at the seams.
  11. oh no! thats horrible...I have quite a bit of juicy items none of the zippers have fallen off :sad:
    the only problem I've had was that there was a small hole where the arm is attached to the hoodie.

    I wish you luck! and I hope it gets fixed :smile: