Need some advice please!

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  1. So currently I'm enrolled in college, in my 3rd year (but credit-wise I'm 6 credits short of being a junior). I would like to finish college on time, but at the same time, I want to take it slow.
    I am considering taking next term off (winter term) and living in Santa Ana, CA for the term (I live in Oregon now). I'm not sure if I would take a couple courses while I'm down there, but I would for sure be working (could anyone recommend any community colleges/universities down there?). I would be going down with my boyfriend and we would be living in his grandparents house which is currently vacant.
    I have some family nearby (about an hour away in Thousand Oaks) so we wouldn't be completely isolated. I also love the Los Angeles area, I was born there and lived there for a few years, and my family and I go back and visit about once a year.
    Anyways, the idea is still in the consideration process. But I'm just wondering if anyone else has done anything like this, or if anyone has any advice whatsoever!
  2. Just a note, but make sure that the courses you take will transfer to the college you plan to graduate from (if you do decide to take some courses).
  3. I would def not recommend taking the whole semester off. I would at least take 2 classes. I decided to take a short break I am seven years later doing what I should have done then. If your feeling burnt out, make the temp move and drop down your course load, but dont not take anything.
  4. I wouldn't take any time off either. It is much easier, in my opinion, to finish school straight through or else you get out of the habit and you may even keep delaying it. I graduated last year and now am in law school and some of the students that even took a year off inbetween are stressing out more because it has been so long since they have written papers or taken a test.
  5. yeah, I'd recommend to continue while you have the momentum. It gets harder when you take longer. I double majored in 5 years, and by the end of my fifth year, I was grinding my teeth going classes
  6. The more time you take off the harder it is to finish!

    Also Santa Ana is far from LA proper...have you spent much time there?
  7. Yes, i agree with the ladies when you get off studying it's SO HARD to get back to it. You should do your research on the cc situation as you discussed. Good luck!