Need some advice..please

  1. I'll try not to make this a long post but I'll give enough detail so you can know what occurred. One night around 12 pm, while my husband was at work someone came to the door bamming really loud. I assumed it was my husband so I called him to see if it was him at the door before I asked who it was. He said no it wasn't him. At this point Im freaking out because the banging got loud and mind you i know no one else in this state who would come to my house this late. So I tiptoed to the door to see who it was and all I saw was a male at the door. So I crept back in the room and locked the door and put something behind the door. I called my husband to tell him to get home now because a man is still knocking at the door five minutes later. Mind you its just me and kids at the house. So he tells me to call 911 to have the police to come so I called an got the little 911 recording for about 30 seconds:cursing:. I stayed on the phone with the operator trying to explain everything to her as fast as I can. It seemed like an eternity. The guy was still bamming on the door so hard that it seemed as if shooked the whole darn house and even the operator heard it through the phone. While he was bamming he was yelling something which I couldnt make out because I was in the other room with the door locked and next thing I know he kicks in my door. :wtf:At this point I have just freaked the f out because I thought for sure he was going to kill me and my kids. Turns out he was a bounty hunter looking for a guy that used to stay there before I moved in. He came in with weapon drawed everything. The cops later show up and arrest him for breaking and entering. I'm currently waiting to be summoned to court as a witness/victim.

    I am now scared to stay in the house at night by myself so my DH is probably going to quit his job. I am also thinking about moving because a few months back someone stole the wheels off of my truck and management acts like they don't care and I'm supposed to pay for the damages that the BH caused. I stay in a gated community and I used to feel safe but not no more especially when people outside the gates get in late at night without a gate opener simply because the stupid gates sometimes get stuck opened at night. Sorry about the long rant, it just makes me fuming mad and scared when i think about it because i don't know what other bounty hunter is going to come kick down my door looking for this same guy. What's more nerve racking is what if my husband was at home and the BH showed up thinking it was him then things could have turned out way worse than what it was. My question is do I have a valid lawsuit against the BH, bondsman company to sue for emotional distress and property damage?
    Sorry about the long story.
    Thanks in advice for your advice.
  2. WTF :wtf:

    How scary! Have you retained a lawyer yet? If no, go do that ASAP.
  3. ^ ITA! How scary for you~ you have rights & they were violated!:cursing:
  4. This is from Wikipedia (so not an official or super reliable source) but I do hope it helps you. It talks about how many BH have been arrested for doing the wrong thing.

  5. I'm in the UK so I have no idea what your legal rights are - I justed wanted to show support *hugs*. Hope you can find your peace once more.
  6. ^^^ Same here! How scary! If you can, I think you should sue the sh*t out of him! Especially to recover damages to your house! (I think that show DOG - the Bounty Hunter has a bunch of idiots out there thinking they can be bounty hunters without any experience at all)
  7. I would like to join the "Get a Lawyer" chorus.

    When I got to the line "kicked in the door" in your story, I literally gasped!

    In addition to getting a lawyer, moving is probably a good idea, if only for psychological change of scene, etc reasons. You will feel safer, your husband will feel less worried, I can just imagine how he feels every time he goes out the door, and your kids, whether they know what happened or not, will feel better because kids can sense fear and tension and hurt and anger and all those emotions that we all, especially those of you who are parents :smile: knock ourselves out trying to hide from kids. We needn't bother. Unlike adults, kids cannot be deceived.

    And if a gated community makes you feel even a little bit safer, by all means choose one. And ask them if they have this getting stuck open problem. Maybe look for one that has a human being at the gate, 24-7. Or more than one human being. Armed. The point is for you to feel as safe as you can.

    You also might consider talking to a counselor, to help you work through all the emotional garbage that gets dumped on us when we are victims of a crime, and that is what you are. It is natural for you to feel violated and angry and scared. I said this to another person in another bad situation on here - if you didn't need help to get through something like that, you wouldn't be normal. So talk to somebody, a professional.

    And of course, you also have all your Purse Forum sisters for support and advice and sympathy and empathy and when you get to feeling better - shallow obsessing! :smile:
  8. ^^^:yes:

    As always, Shimma is right!

    What a horrible thing to go through.
    I hope you get emotional and legal help ASAP so you will be able to get your life back.
  9. It sounds like you don't live in a very good neighborhood, gate or no. I would move, if at all possible.
  10. Are you packing yet? I would be! That's crazy, you should not be worrying about your safety in your own house!
    Pack up & move!
  11. shimma i love that you always have words of wisdom.
    if you are frightened to stay in the house then move. i would be so frightened.
  12. Thanks for all the advice everyone. I have decided to get a lawyer and I'm going to see one tomorrow and we are deciding on whether to move or not or whether my husband should just work during the day so that he can at least be at home with us at night. I'll be sure to keep everyone posted on what happens.
  13. I'd get a lawyer right away, and if possible, sue him for the very reasons you mentioned. Then move!

    I hope you're feeling better now. I had someone try to break into my home once and didn't feel safe in it for the longest time. A big hug to you and the kiddies!
  14. I think before you retain an attorney I would try and deal directly with the bond company. I'd tell them that you expect to pay for the property damage and you expect their employee to be disciplined, especially since he was arrested. If they blow you off, then I'd go for an attorney.

    Sadly, since you were not physically harmed (even though you are definitely emotionally harmed), I can't see you recouping very much if at all monetarily. I think an attorney could turn out to be very costly unless they will take your case with the understanding that they will not receive any payment unless they win money for you (and even then they will take at least 30%, maybe more). I broke my ankle after tripping on a sidewalk and when we went through arbitration, I received absolutely nothing, because I wasn't permanently disfigured (even though I still have residual problems due to the injury).

    Best of luck in what you decide to do.
  15. That is absolutely HORRIBLE!!! If I were you, I would definitely get a lawyer and sue sue sue! You need it for the emotional distress it caused you and your family, as well as the physical damage it did to your home. That must have been absolutely terrifying! What an idiot bounty hunter for breaking down your door with a weapon drawn. What makes him think he has the right to do that? Arg.