need some advice - parker hippie or alexandra

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  1. So I have been looking at pictures of the parker hippie and the alexandra (probably a large) for a while, and I really can't decide which I want. I'm sure if I go to the coach store I will be able to see the alexandra, but there really isn't a way for me to see the parker hippie in person.

    I used my bonnie signature crossbody bag this summer, and while I really like it, I prefer the leather to the signature and a bag with a little more room. I never realized how great crossbody bags were! I would also want to wear it on my shoulder.

    For those of you with both, who have tried on both, or who just really like or dislike one or the other - a few questions:

    - are either heavy? one heavier than the other?
    - along the same lines are they comfortable?
    - are the openings narrow? one more narrow than the other?
    - when worn on the shoulder is there much free space with the hippie?
    - do you think one is dressier than the other or could they both be dress up or down?

    feel free to pitch in with anything else you like or don't like about these bags! i would really appreciate it... i am so indecisive!!!!!!!!!
  2. The opening on the hippie *imo* is very narrow. The bag doesn't stand on it's on and it's very slim. Lightweight though, not heave at all. The thing I don't like about my hippie after only using it a short time before storing it was that it felt saggy and slim. I didn't like the narrowness of reaching in to grab something.
    I would def vote for the Alexandra.
  3. My vote is for the Alexandra. I bought a hippie about 6 months ago and never used it because after I got it home, I decided that I was going to be upset with the narrow opening. So I returned it and got a small berry Alexandra. I really like the Alexandra, and love the option of wearing it three different ways.
  4. I would go with the Alexandria. It's lighter than the Parker Hippie.
  5. I never seen an Alexandra irl, but I own a parker hippie (large graphite).
    The pro's for the hippie:
    It's light, it feels great worn on the shoulder, and the leather is very soft.
    The con's:
    The opening is narrow and the bag widens at the bottom which creates a cavern. It is very hard to find things like keys or sunglasses. Worn as a crossbody the bag is deceptively uncomfortable. The strap digs into my shoulder.

    I used this bag for a week during a convention when I was lugging around a huge bound book, and it was great. I almost always wear it as a shoulder bag because of the crossbody issue. I also feel a little paranoid with this bag because the leather is so soft. I have a little nick on the front of mine, and this is not the type of bag that can look okay like that. It is not forgiving.

    Good luck making your decision.
  6. I am in love, love , love with my TWO parker hippies!!!! Have in black and bone....Holds a lot of stuff without looking like I am carrying a lot of stuff!

    I have the original Parker Hippies from their Spring/Summer 2009 collection...the ones with the soft leather handles. Very comfortable to wear on the shoulders! Looks great dressed up or down.

    IMO...if you were to go for the Alexandra, go for the studded leather large (vs the embossed studded)

    Happy decision making!!!

    Let us know what you decide!
  7. I personally love the Parker Hippies, they're so lightweight and comfy, and the leather is so soft and squishy! They don't have any structure on their own, though, so if that bothers you, you may prefer the Alexandra. BTW, if you have an outlet near you, you can check out the MFF Parker Hippies, they're almost identical to the FP originals and even if you don't want the MFF version you can try one on and see how it feels. GL!
  8. ALEXANDRA. I had the parker hippie and didn't like it at all (just my opinion). I like bags that stand on their own.
  9. I meant to say that I have the large Alexandra and it sooooo comfortable to wear and looks great!
  10. I have the Alexandra and love her. I also have a Madison Hippie (I know it isn't the Parker), but I prefer the Alexandra because it is a bit more versatile.
  11. I love the Alexandra so I am biased. lol I love the way she feels!!
  12. Another vote for Alexandra. I have the large acorn and it's so roomy and comfortable. I really would like to have a large berry one too!
  13. Another vote for Alexandra. So pretty, so versatile.
    The hippie's opening is too narrow for me.