Need some advice on this stile

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  1. Hi

    I have been in love with this shoe since the second I laid my eyes on it. I love the shape the Colour well everything but. Is this a shoe one actually can walk in?? Anybody here knows the name? Or can tell me anhthing about it?

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  2. I think the style name is "sexy"......I had a pair a while ago in red patent.....they are comfy....I sold them because I don't do peep toes well(have ugly toes...hehe)....
  3. Ok Thank you so much. How did they look because of that thin toe strap did they expose all the toes? Like borderline fetish shoes?? I tried to look up pictures and reviews but with a style name called sexy that is not easy "lol"
  4. Well, i have crooked toes(very ugly) so about three of my toes sneak into the peep toe cut-out......but I think most people show two toes.....For me, this is a shoe that just looks so irresistible on the shelf, but when I put it on, yuk!...but it's not the shoes, just my toes.....oh well......I hope they look great on you!.....I just have stick to closed toe pumps......which looks pretty good to me, so I just have to live with that....
  5. HI again.....I just came across photos that I used to list mine on eBay a while shows the box label if that helps you....

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  6. Thank you so much yes it helps a bit :smile:
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